Summer Pergola Ideas For a Beautiful Outdoor Space


Beautiful and practical, pergolas offer a welcome respite from direct sunlight during hot summer afternoons. They also make your property look more sophisticated. Choosing the right design can be tricky; various layouts, designs, and ornamentation can make your head spin with possibilities. Not sure how to strike the right balance with your outdoor sitting area? Check out these top pergola ideas:


Clemantis Adornment

Greenery can immediately amp up an otherwise dull patio space. While a variety of plants provide natural splendor, clemantis is particularly well-suited to livable outdoor spaces. It’s easy to grow and maintain, and it flowers abundantly.


Climbing Roses

A gorgeous alternative to clematis, climbing roses add elegance and beauty to your already impressive pergola. Ideal rose varieties for pergolas include Climbing Iceberg, Don Juan, and Lemon Merengue. The best roses for pergolas are hearty, disease-resistant, and well-suited to vertical growth. Do you love playing garden designer? For a greater visual impact, combine clemantis and climbing roses as ornamentation for the same pergola.


Rooftop Pergola

Pergolas aren’t exclusively for homeowners with abundant outdoor space. The right pergola will provide an urban oasis that you can enjoy without ever leaving your apartment building or condominium. Add planters to provide a little greenery in the heart of the city. A built in bench could offer an easily accessible sitting space in cramped areas.


Retractable Canopy

Rain may not be a daily occurrence, but when it eventually arrives, you’ll want protection. Why dash inside when you can enjoy the ambiance of a shower while remaining entirely dry? A pergola with a retractable canopy will protect you and your loved ones not only from the occasional rain shower, but also from direct sunlight that might otherwise cause nasty burns.


Multiple Pergolas

Why stop with just one pergola? The most impressive designs come in sets of two or three. This allows you to expand your home’s livable outdoor space, while also providing additional architectural interest. It’s a great option if you want to expand your outdoor space to create a unique dining area.

If you opt for two pergolas, they may be oriented side by side or with one perpendicular to the other to create a ‘T’ shape. Homeowners with three pergolas typically prefer varying heights; for example, the center pergola may be taller than the pergolas on the left and right sides. Ideally, all pergolas will share the same general design to ensure a cohesive look.


Suspended Lights

Your pergola should deliver outside enjoyment during all hours of the day. After gazing at a gorgeous sunset in the great outdoors, continue to bask in the comfort of your outside space with help from a few glowing lamps. These can be suspended directly from your pergola. Hanging lanterns and strands of LED lights look beautiful no matter your pergola’s design or function. Another excellent option: a vintage-style chandelier, which can serve as a gorgeous focal point.



Suspended in each of the four corners of the pergola, curtains can provide additional privacy or sun protection if drawn shut. Otherwise, they add visual interest, making the space under and around a pergola feel less like an ordinary outdoor room and more like a beach resort.

From flowers to curtains, pergola ideas abound. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box as you design your dream outdoor space. Contact Mesa Awning to get started. 

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