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Indulge in sunshine and fresh air through the protection of one of our custom-built screen rooms.

Our sun screen rooms are a way to experience the outdoors without being directly exposed to the elements or pests. In the case, a screen enclosure will allow breezes to pass right through your room. Our screen rooms can be constructed from standard fiberglass, bug screen, or our fiberglass featuring 70% sunscreen (our fiberglass featuring sunscreen is not currently available for residential homes).

The sun screen decreases the damage sunlight usually brings to furniture, carpeting, and especially human skin. Once again enjoy spending time outside with the added protection of our quality screen rooms.

In a screen room, you won’t have to worry as much about applying sunscreen nor wearing sunglasses while still “indoors” due to added protecting and shade from the sun. There won’t be an added cost for you to cool a screen room either, since you will be enjoying the natural breeze the climate brings.

The screen also prevents flies, mosquitos, and other insects and pests from entering your home and ruining your space. With a screen room, you can extend your home’s usable space into the backyard, creating a hybrid living room, storage room, or play room for everyone in your home to enjoy.

We custom build screen rooms for residential homes, manufactured homes and park models.


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