Why You Can’t Afford to Not Have An Awning


Your home is likely the most significant financial commitment you’ll make in life. So, protecting it and everything inside is important. But, while your mind might go instantly to home security systems or anti-theft deterrents, we want to address something else: awnings. Awnings are such a simple and easy addition to the exterior of your home, but they have a significant impact. So, while you might be questioning the investment, let the experts from Mesa Awning explain why you can’t afford to not have awnings.

Awnings Protect Your Fabrics

No matter the time of year, the UV rays from the sun can significantly impact your home’s furniture. If you have large windows in your living room or bedrooms, direct sunlight on fabrics can cause colors to fade. Eventually, you’ll be forced to replace these, which can be a costly adventure. Even your rugs and carpets can be impacted by direct sunlight. While curtains and drop shades are a great option, these, too, can fade over time. Plus, these other options prevent you from enjoying natural light in your home. So, if you want to flood your favorite living spaces with natural lighting but want to avoid furniture and flooring damage from the sun, window awnings are your best solution!

Awnings Decrease Energy Usage

During the summer months, awnings prevent sunlight from entering your home. This not only keeps your home cooler but also helps prevent an overworked A/C unit. When your air conditioning doesn’t have to run continuously, you’ll notice the savings on your energy bill. Furthermore, all that natural light we mentioned above is a great way to save energy. Think about it: In a well-lit room, you won’t need to turn on lights or rely on lamps nearly as much during the day. So, if you’re ready to save on your energy costs, it’s time for awnings around your home.

Expand the Living Areas

Active Arizona residents love getting outdoors. But, the hot sun can prevent enjoyable outdoor patio spaces. However, with an awning, you can quickly transform that scorching hot patio into a cool, comfortable lounging area. If a patio awning is on the table for your home, then we might also encourage you to install a drop shade for an even more enjoyable outdoor space. With these home additions, you not only expand your living spaces to the outdoors, but you also add value to your home.

Increased Home Value

Speaking of adding value to your home, awnings do just that. When making any improvement to your home, it’s important to consider your return on investment. Thankfully, awnings instantly add value, and we guarantee you’ll notice the instant ROI. This is just another reason you can’t afford to not install these window accessories. Awnings around your home increase curb appeal and make a home stand out from others in the neighborhood. If selling is in your future, then being more attractive to potential buyers is what you want. Plus, it allows you to ask for top dollar and shows potential buyers that you cared for this home.

Let’s Keep the Sun at a Safe Distance

If you’re still living without awnings, a pergola, or even a patio cover, you’re not fully enjoying every aspect of your home. Thankfully, Mesa Awning is to the rescue! We proudly serve residents throughout Mesa, AZ, and we’re ready to serve you! When it comes to awnings, there’s really no downside to adding them to your home, and you’ll only experience the benefits of these accessories. So, give us a call today for a free quote by dialing (480) 969-4064.

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