Why Pergolas & Misters Go Together


Summer is a hot season, which means you’re always looking for ways to make your outdoor spaces cooler and more comfortable. If you have a pergola, you’re already one step ahead! A pergola is a beautiful addition to any backyard or patio, but it can still get hot under there in the summer months. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: misters! So, journey with Mesa Awning as we unpack how misting systems work and some possible solutions for your pergola.

How Mister Systems Work

Mister systems for pergolas operate on the principle of evaporation. These systems use a pump to pressurize water from a reservoir, propelling it through a series of specially designed nozzles that atomize the water into tiny droplets. These minute droplets hang in the air, and as they evaporate, they absorb the heat from the surrounding area, thereby cooling it. This creates a cool, refreshing ambiance under the pergola, making it an ideal spot to relax even during peak summer temperatures.

3 Types of Mister Solutions

There are plenty of mister systems on the market, so finding one for your pergola can feel a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we have a few simple solution recommendations that are both popular and easy to use.

1. High Pressure Misters

These misters are great if you’re looking for maximum cooling power. High-pressure misters force water through tiny nozzles at high pressure, creating a fine mist that evaporates quickly and can lower the temperature by up to 20 degrees. Keep in mind that high-pressure misters can be a bit pricey, and they require professional installation.

The placement of high-pressure misters is crucial to ensuring you benefit and keep your backyard safe. These misters should be installed at a height that allows the mist to evaporate before it reaches people or surfaces, typically about 8 to 10 feet above the ground. Furthermore, they should be angled in a way that the mist spreads evenly across the area. Finally, avoid placing the misters close to any outdoor seating areas or electronics.

2. Low-Pressure Mist Systems

Low-pressure misters operate at a lower pressure than high-pressure misters, but they’re still effective at keeping your space cool. They’re more affordable than high-pressure systems and can easily be installed yourself.

When it comes to placing a low-pressure misting system around your pergola, there are several strategic locations to consider for optimal cooling and comfort. One popular placement is along the inner perimeter of the pergola’s roof, which allows the mist to spread evenly across the area beneath. If your pergola has sturdy columns, you can also install the misters vertically along these structures for a unique cooling effect. However, keep in mind that the misting system should be placed away from any outdoor electronics or seating areas to prevent water damage.

3. Standing Mist Fans

Mist fans are perfect if you want to keep cool in a specific area. These fans have a built-in mister that sprays a fine mist in your direction. They’re portable, so you can move them around to wherever you need them.

When thinking about placement for your standing mist fans, consider placing them in an area under your pergola that spans the most area. You should also keep the fan away from common walkways so guests don’t bump into it or trip over the cord. Thankfully, because these misters are movable, you can find the perfect placement to keep you and your guests cool!

Enjoy a Cooler Summer

As you can see, misters are an effective and efficient way to transform your pergola into a refreshing oasis during the hot summer months. At Mesa Awning, we highly recommend the use of misters not only for the notable cooling effect but also for the added ambiance that they bring to your outdoor space. Looking to start building your backyard? Contact Mesa Awning today for a free quote at (480) 969-4064. We can put up the perfect patio cover, pergola, or awning to help you enjoy a cooler summer right here in Mesa, AZ!

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