Ways to Save Water in Your Backyard


Spring is nearing ever closer. For many homeowners, this means finally being able to tend to a lawn and garden that has been neglected during the winter months. Laying grass seed and planting flowers are both great ways to bring fresh life back to your outdoor landscape, but this will inevitably require a lot of water and sunshine. While the latter is fortunately free, the former can rack up a considerable bill if one is not careful. To avoid costly water bills this season, there are a few things you can do. You can safely cut back your usage and still see incredible results; it just takes a little ingenuity.

For instance, did you know that adding organic material such as compost to your soil can help increase its water retention abilities? This will also help your plants and shrubs absorb more water as well, as a lot can be wasted with traditional methods. There are plenty of tips you can use to reduce your usage. Keep in mind that the best way to save money in this regard is to use all of them together. Whether you want to be more eco-friendly or simply need to save some cash, this is a great place to start.

How to Save Water

Only water your lawn and garden when you need to. A common mistake that many homeowners tend to make is overwatering. Not only is this wasteful, but it can also cause harm to flowers and plants. In order to grow properly, the right combination of water and sunlight is necessary. A great way to test whether you need to add some H2O is by manually inspecting the ground. If the soil is dry a couple of inches below the surface, you will need to add some water.

Install an awning; not only does an awning provide shade and protection from the sun to people and furniture, but it will also provide shade for your yard and keep plants and flowers from receiving too much direct sunlight and drying out too quickly.

Timing is essential; your lawn and garden will best be able to absorb and retain water in the early morning hours, so don’t go outside with your hose in the blazing mid-day heat.

Want to know the secret to a plush, green yard? To avoid dead patches on your lawn, be sure to keep the grass plenty long. This doesn’t mean you need a jungle in your back yard, but leaving a few inches keeps you from having to water every day. The reason being that longer grass requires less water to stay alive.

Install mulch to help lock in moisture and plants that need less water.

Capture rain run-off by strategically placing buckets under your home’s gutters. This is a great way to get access to free water.

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