Transform a Carport with These 7 Creative Ideas


A carport from Mesa Awning provides excellent shade and protection for your vehicle under the Arizona sun. High heat temperatures are commonly unpleasant and unkind to vehicles, so many homeowners use carports for added protection. Additionally, these parking spots offer protection from heavy rains, hail, and snow. But what else can a carport do? Well, if you’ve been wondering how to transform an unused carport, we’ve got some great ideas for you to check out.

1. Poolside Shade

If your entire budget went into putting in the pool, but you still want an extra-shady spot to relax, then use a carport. These carports are small enough that they won’t overwhelm your new backyard oasis, but they’ll provide the right amount of shade. Additionally, a carport is still large enough for some loungers and maybe even your poolside cooler.

2. Home Gym

If you’re like most, heading to the gym every day can feel more like a chore than something you need to get done. So, avoid the hassle and shared gym equipment by turning your unused carport into a home gym area. With all your gear in one place, you can work up a sweat without fighting all that traffic on the way to the gym. Additionally, working out outdoors is a great way to take in some fresh air.

3. Outdoor Theater

Have you always dreamed of having an outdoor theater? Well, we can’t think of a better use for your old carport! With a bit of help from some wireless technology, a projection screen, and some mood lighting, you can be well on your way to enjoying movie night in the backyard. Not only will you save money by avoiding the public theater, but you’ll also get to sip on your favorite libations and make your own snacks for the occasion.

4. Workshop

Every man dreams of having his own workshop, and there’s not always enough room in the garage to get those home improvement projects done. So, here is where your old carport can come in handy. You can easily build a workbench under this roof, run some electricity, and plug in all your power tools for that perfect workshop space you’ve been needing. Additionally, it’ll be nice to have a shady spot to work during the spring and summer months.

5. Kid’s Outdoor Play Area

Protecting the kids while they play outside is one of the many reasons people install awnings and poolside shades. But if your budget is tight, a carport can offer the same level of protection in the backyard. With more than enough room, you can put their sandbox or a cute dollhouse under the shade of the carport for hours of outdoor fun. This space also ensures they keep all their yard toys in one spot.

6. Animal Shelter

Keeping the sun off your dog or cat while outdoors is always a challenge for homeowners here in Arizona. So, why not turn a carport into an animal shelter and cooling oasis? You can even hang a screen around the shelter for added protection. Providing your animal some shade outside will keep them cool, and allow everyone in the family to enjoy the outdoors!

7. Greenhouse

Do you love to garden or want to start? Then there’s no better time like the present to transform an old carport into a greenhouse. The metal structure provides the perfect support for greenhouse tarps, and you can easily run an overhead watering system along the inside of the roof. With your very own greenhouse, you can prolong the life of your plants, and extend your growing season for your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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