Top 5 Commercial Businesses That Can Benefit from Awnings


Awnings are a great way to protect your home, but they can also help protect your business. The canvas awnings from Mesa Awning are versatile in color and material, which means they can easily be matched to your building’s exterior and company brand. Like your home’s awning, the awnings you put up around your business come with many benefits, including energy savings and higher customer satisfaction.  Here are the top five businesses that can benefit from a retractable awning installation.

1. Medical Facilities

As patients come and go from your hospital, doctor’s office, or medical treatment facility, it’s important to keep them cool, dry, and out of the elements. Heat and rain can elevate stress levels, further agitating a patient, especially during an emergency. However, you can avoid all of this with an awning over every entrance into your building. Canvas awnings can even be dyed to match your facility’s brand, making yours stand out from surrounding businesses and easier for patients and guests to find.

2. Restaurants

Restaurants can benefit from awnings in a great way. Not only do these structures provide a dry place for valet service and for restaurant employees checking in patrons, but they can also elevate your establishment. People often make associations or remember businesses by the exterior, and an attractive entrance to your restaurant makes a great first impression. When you’re looking for a new way to give your building a facelift, installing a new awning is a great way to boost your restaurant’s image.

3. Hotels

In the case of hotels, awnings provide a covering for the entrance. Here, bellhops and valets can also serve your guests more easily. Unpacking the car after a long journey can take some time, and if it’s hot or raining, being exposed to the elements can make this an unenjoyable experience for everyone. But, with a reliable awning structure, you can rest easy knowing that your staff and guests are protected, and people can begin to enjoy their stay before they even step foot in the lobby.

4. Clubs

Awnings aren’t just for daytime businesses: they’re also critical for those who enjoy nightlife. Awnings draw in club guests, and they also provide a safe place for guests to stand and wait at the end of the night. An awning outside the front doors can provide a covered, well-lit, safe area while club-goers wait for their rides home. Additionally, if your club has a patio or outdoor seating area, an awning can protect people from the elements, giving them a safe, dry place to congregate.

5. Commercial Busses

Any commercial bus company that transports large groups of people needs a reliable awning. Not only do these coverings provide shade and protection from the hot Arizona sun, but they also provide cover when it rains. This keeps passengers, luggage, and shopping bags dry or cool, as passengers wait to board their bus. Since large crowds can’t board busses all at once, providing shade with an awning also keeps the concrete cool, which can help keep the soles of shoes and luggage wheels from melting while people wait.

We’re the Awning Experts

Unlike roofing structures, an awning on your building’s exterior is a great, budget-friendly way to make your entrance more inviting. Awnings also provide great protection from all the weather conditions we have here in Phoenix, AZ. If you’re ready to experience all the benefits of a new storefront awning, then contact Mesa Awning today. We also offer patio pergolas, carports, and drop shades for your business. Contact us today at (480) 969-4064.

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