Top 4 Cactus Plants to Use in Your Landscaping


If you’re planning a new look for your home, you might be considering a new retractable awning from Mesa Awning. But why not incorporate some cactus and succulent plants into your landscaping as well? These landscaping gems are gaining in popularity, especially for homeowners here in Phoenix, AZ. Not only are they drought-resistant, but they also display colorful flowers. Cactus pads are even great in salads and cocktails. Here are the top four cactus plants we recommend adding to your landscape this year.

1. Blue Flame Cactus

The blue flame cactus is also known as the bilberry cactus, garambullo, or whortleberry. Each plant grows up to 13 feet high and expands up to 12 inches wide. In natural habitats, blue flame cacti form dense forests, with stalks reaching as high as 30 feet. This cactus is hard to miss and is easily recognized by the upright candelabra shape, blue-green color, and purple fruit that tastes like a cross between a blueberry and cranberry. Pair a couple of these blue flame cacti with grey gravel or stage them against white rock in your landscaping, and watch them pop.

2. Claret Cup Cactus

Commonly known as the hedgehog cactus, the claret cup plant can grow up to three feet tall and six inches wide. This prickly landscaping plant produces a juicy, strawberry-like fruit that turns bright orange when it ripens. When you plant this cactus in your landscaping, you might pair it with poppies, yucca, sage, or some native grasses. It’s also important to note that this plant prefers rockier soil, making it perfect for flowerbeds accentuated with gravel or small pebbles.

3. Golden Ball Cactus

If you want a plant with a lovely golden hue, then go for the golden ball cactus. Also known as the lemon ball cactus, this plant grows in clusters and will only get about three feet tall. It’s also a smart choice for homeowners looking for more fire-resistant landscaping, since this plant is resistant to the wildfires here in Arizona. The golden ball cactus is also perfect for beginners and does best when it can get some shade in the late afternoon. So, make sure you plant this cactus where it can get full sun to partial shade.

4. Mexican Fence Post Cactus

If you’re interested in added privacy along with your landscaping, then plant a cluster of the Mexican fence post cacti. These plants can grow up to 16 feet high and exist in individual stems that are three to eight inches in diameter. The blooms on this cactus plant appear in mid-to-late spring, and the entire cluster responds well to frequent watering during the hotter months. If your home is a bright or vibrant color, this cactus will stand out, while also adding more privacy to your home.

Add Value to Your Home

Planning for and incorporating different cacti into your landscaping is a great way to give your home a new look this spring. Yet, if you’re looking for even more changes, then you might consider a new awning, carport, or new drop shade for those big front windows. Your privacy and comfort matter to us and any of these new additions can add value to your home. We proudly serve residents throughout Mesa, AZ, so contact us today at (480) 969-4064.

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