The Best Red Awnings We’ve Seen


In order to maximize your outdoor experience in the comfort of your own home, there is nothing better than installing an awning. At Mesa Awning Company, we our proud to say that we only manufacture and sell the highest quality awnings that are guaranteed to keep your property shaded and safe from the environment. No one likes to sit outside under the blazing sun. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort for the chance to get a breath of fresh air. While our awnings are some of the best around, we have to tip our hats to some of the products being made by some of our competitors. When it comes to red awnings, these are by far some of the best we have come across to date.

The perfect combination of quality, functionality and aesthetic appeal, we are sure you will be impressed with them just as much as we are. For those of you who don’t own an awning, we hope these examples will give you the inspiration to make the leap. Many people are surprised by just how great of an effect these devices can have for shading. It is not uncommon for the temperature to be at least a few degrees lower than the area outside the protection of an awning, which can make a real difference, especially in climates such as Arizona’s, where the sun can be very unforgiving. While this obviously makes us humans feel more at ease, it also has a considerable impact in regards to lowering the amount of UV rays coming into contact with outdoor furniture as well. That being said, here they are, a few of the best red awnings we could find. We hope you enjoy them!

Awnings that Simply Impress
Red Awning Phoenix Arizona

Elegant and traditional, this awning is perfectly suited for the porch it was installed on. We also would like to note that the angle is ideally situated to keep just the right amount of sunlight away. Notice how the chair is almost completely shaded? There is a reason why this is so folks; the homeowner clearly took the time to measure the dimensions.

Phoenix Arizona Red Patio AwningIn a word, this awning is massive! This is the perfect example of how these devices can be custom-outfitted to meet the needs of any homeowner. You can easily comfortably fit a large group of people under this thing. We like how they included the lounge chairs in the picture to give the awning some scale.

Mesa Arizona Red Decorative AwningWhile this awning is not meant for functional purposes, we couldn’t help but show this image. This is a very decorative color theme and palette, and is a great way for business owners to attract customers. The feel is warm and inviting, but also has the perfect amount of flair.

Mesa Covered Awnings For the Whole HouseThese homeowners knew just what they wanted when it came to their awnings. The matching theme is hip and refreshing, not to mention having one installed over every window is certainly an equity booster!

Artistic Awnings Phoenix Arizona
All we want to know is where this place is so we can see it in real life. Isn’t this just a beautiful view? It really goes to show just how artistic awnings can be; it is all about merging style with form.

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