Sunshields, Drop Shades and Privacy Shields


The heat of Arizona can be tough, especially on the wallet during those endless summer months. Just as heating bills rise in colder states in the winter, air conditioning bills skyrocket in Arizona during the summer. It’s a part of life here, but the energy cost can be difficult. In addition, the cost of energy usage on the environment also rises here in the summer months. Instead of turning off your air conditioning or even turning it up, there are few things you can do to the windows in your house to lower energy costs and air conditioner usage.


Sunshields, drop shades and privacy shields are options that can be installed in many areas of your home, such as windows, doors, patios and more. Each treatment can be customized to fit your needs. For example, if you spend a lot of time on the porch but do not want to be completely screened-in or change the porch into an Arizona room, you can install drop shades to cool the area down and protect from extra heat. If privacy is a concern, privacy shields are convenient ways of protecting your home or outdoor areas from neighbors, roadways or passersby.


Sunshields are an attractive solution to blocking the sun and dealing with excessive heat and energy issues within your home. They can be customized to fit any size or space and drastically reduce both the temperature within that space and the energy usage of your air conditioning. They are installed easily and quickly and usually come in neutral shades and different densities. In the same manner than windshield screens exceedingly drop the temperature of your car, sunshields can help notably cool your home and protect spaces from harmful UV rays. Sunshields are especially helpful in babies’ rooms, rooms that face the rising sun and areas where the elderly reside. Arizona homes benefit greatly from sunshields, since the sun shines here for over 300 days a year.

Drop Shades

Drop shades are retractable by hand or the push of a button. Drop shades also drastically block sun in your home, reducing temperatures and allowing you to use the air conditioning less, save energy and customize how much sun and heat fills up certain areas. Drop shades are great when you still want to enjoy the view from your window or doorway. They can be shut completely or retracted for a partial view or for partial shade. This is convenient in entertaining areas or areas where children spend a lot time, especially in Arizona, when the heat of the sun changes and increases as the day goes on. Drop shades are also useful around patios that homeowners don’t want to change into a screen room. Drop shades in different types of protective densities can protect from the sun, lower temperatures, keep out bugs and provide privacy from neighbors or roads. Patio shading systems are stylish in homes today because they create an indoor/outdoor living experience and provide comfort and protection for a very small investment.

Privacy Shields

Privacy shields are just that – shields installed in areas where privacy is an important concern. Many houses today are built very close to one another. Many two-story bedrooms look straight into the bedroom of the house below or next door. Protect your loved ones and yourself with custom privacy shields. Privacy shields are popular for babies’ rooms, Arizona rooms and outdoor living spaces. In neighborhoods where there are no fences, privacy shields increase the feeling of solidarity without the investment or commitment to building a fence. They are options that also help to block the sun from your home and protect from UV rays, insects, cars driving or people walking by.

All of the above treatments are great ways to enjoy the summer in the shade. With so many days of sun, Arizona homes can save a lot of money on energy costs by investing and installing a sunshade, drop shade or privacy shield. In addition, privacy is an important concern today. Protecting valuables in the garage, guest rooms, babies’ rooms or areas around a pool or entertainment area is an increasingly essential concern among homeowners. Privacy shields and drop shields are perfect options for maintaining privacy. In addition, sunshields are ecological options and may even create value in a home for future resale, as more and more homebuyers are seeking homes with energy efficient add-ons. Don’t be afraid to take the step to install any of these shields in your home. They can seamlessly blend into the design of your home and make a huge difference in your energy costs.

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