Why a Shed is a Better Storage Option Than Off-Site Storage


When it comes to storing your belongings, whether it is out-of-season décor or unused furnishings, you have a choice to make when it comes to storage. You can either purchase a shed outright, like the ones we offer at Mesa Awning, or rent a self-storage unit somewhere away from home. The following is a breakdown of why on-site sheds are the best option for storage:

Why On-Site Storage Via Sheds is a Better Option Than an Off-Site Storage Unit

Easier to Access

The first point is likely the one that popped into your mind when you first contemplated your choice. Obviously, having a shed right out back, tucked away conveniently in your yard is easier to access than a storage unit across town. No need to worry about getting into a car and driving miles away to get your Grandma’s dishes out of storage before her visit when you have a storage shed right in your backyard.

It’s More Cost Efficient

Not only is it easier to access, but storage sheds are also more cost-effective long term. Sure, you might have to pay more up front for a shed or pay monthly for a time. However, with an off-site storage unit, you will have to pay monthly for the duration of time in which you are using it for storage. Incidentally, off site-storage companies are making a killing off of homeowners who need a place to store their belongings.

According to SpareFoot self-storage statistics, there is currently 2.7 billion square feet of self-storage space in America, made up of 49,000 self-storage facilities. This creates revenue of over $32 billion within the industry. It’s a huge money-making endeavor to be sure. Homeowners on average spend $91.14 monthly to store their belongings off-site. Just imagine the money homeowners could save simply by investing one time in their own storage shed.

You Can Lose Your Stuff

If you get behind on your payments or can no longer pay for your unit, you can expect your stuff to be turned over to the discretion of the owners, and you will never see it again. If you aren’t sure what this is about, just catch an episode of “Storage Wars,” which is based on the owners of storage units selling the contents of units off to the highest bidder. Conversely, no one will arbitrarily sell off your items if you have them stored in your own shed.

It Can Serve Other Purposes

A storage shed in your yard, near your house can also serve other purposes in addition to your home’s storage needs. You can use it to house your lawnmower, weed eater, lawn tools, household tools and more. Therefore, unlike off-site storage, which would not be applicable for storing such items, you can use your storage shed for more than just storing items you are not currently using. You can actually use part of it to store items you use frequently, even creating a work area.

You Can’t Secure Your Stuff

With off-site storage units, there is a risk of theft. You aren’t there to protect your stuff or ensure it doesn’t get damaged in some way. Yes, theoretically, someone could still steal something out of your storage shed in your backyard, but it is much less likely as it is near your home. You can also secure outdoor sheds with locks and other methods to keep them secure.

In conclusion, of course, both off-site and on-site sheds are valid storage options for belongings you don’t use daily. However, one of them, the on-site shed has great advantages over the other option for the reasons outlined above. Now that you see the benefits, why not contact us at Mesa Awning to learn more about our many shed options.

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