Storage Sheds Phoenix: Design One to Fit Your Needs


If there’s one complaint that most homeowners have, it’s storage space. Sure, there are DIY hacks and organizational methods you can use galore, but certain items you need to store aren’t as easy to organize as clothes or shoes inside your closet. Items such as pool toys, gardening tools and yard equipment are large, heavy and awkward, and require their own space. You want to eliminate the temptation to leave things scattered all over the yard, where they can get ruined or stolen.

Of course, it depends on your needs. Custom storage rooms and sheds can be built to meet those needs. Maybe you are an avid gardener but you also compost, so space is needed for composting devices in addition to your gardening supplies. Maybe you have young kids and as they get older, you are concerned about storing larger toys and items such as adult-size bicycles or sports gear. Your Phoenix storage sheds are not simply limited to what you need today. If you are planning on staying in your home for at least 3 years, your needs will change and grow as your life does. Keep this in mind as you plan a custom storage room or shed.

Storage Sheds Phoenix

Naturally, “custom” means that most of your options are endless, and that you should speak to a professional not just about what you need to store but how you need the area to accommodate growth. There are many places to start, however, and a few things to keep in mind before selecting what type of storage you need.

Sports Storage

Do you like to spend time on Sunday afternoons playing football or catch with your kids?  Are you or your kids involved in team sports or gymnastics or do you just like to bring out the ping pong table and make an afternoon of it? No matter what types of games or sports you or your family is involved with, chances are you have a few things that need to be stored. Soccer balls, tennis rackets, volleyball nets, air hockey tables – all these things need a place to be stored, especially if you don’t play with them everyday and they are only brought out on occasion.

When deciding on a type of storage unit for your sports and entertainment gear, think about shelving and size. If you are going to store a table of any kind, make sure you have room to move around the table and get to other things you need from the storage unit without moving the table if you don’t need to. Think about the ability to hang things up, such as bicycles, tennis rackets or nets. Think about shelving you may need for smaller items, such as pink pong rackets, badminton birdies, baseballs, footballs and baseball bats.

Craft or Hobby Storage

Are you a woodworker, a metal worker or just a crafter? Do you have large supplies, a lathe or welding machine you need to store away from the house? Make sure whatever you have to store you discuss it with a storage room or shed professional. In Arizona, certain items cannot be stored in the heat, while others will be fine in a shed as long as the shed is cooled or even attached to the house. Crafters should be aware that certain items such as rubber stamps and glues cannot be stored in the heat. If storing these types of things is your need and you do not have room in the house, a storage room attached to the house might be the way to go. Make sure to discuss temperature with your storage professional.


The decision of where to place your storage room or shed is just as important as how to organize the space inside of it. You might want it close to your garage where you can access pool toys and pool tools; or closer to your patio, where you can access hobby materials really easily. Sometimes homeowners want the storage unit or shed to be a part of their backyard decor. A shed with beautiful wood paneling might fit in nicely next to your traditional outdoor furniture. Or sometimes it’s the opposite – many people want their storage sheds to hide in the corner of their yard away from where guests can see it. Find what works for you and what you want your yard to look like after a storage room or shed has become an addition, then discuss with a storage unit professional on how to make that happen.

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