Storage Room Ideas to Declutter Your Life


Is your storage room a mess? Do you feel like clutter has overtaken your home and your life? If so, it’s time to get organized. These ideas for storage room organization will get your home decluttered and in ship shape in no time.

Create picture prompts.

If you have a bunch of boxes or bins, open each one and take a photo of the contents. Using index cards, print the photo on one side of the card and a brief list of contents on the other side, then laminate them. Attach photo sleeves (the kind that hold 4 X 6 photos) to each box and slide the appropriate card into it. That way, when you are looking at the boxes you can see the photo of the contents and do a quick review of the contents instead of going through every box to find what you need.

Use a pegboard for hanging items.

Pegboards are a wonderful invention. You can hang tools, cleaning equipment, and gardening items making them super easy to locate. Get creative though, and take it a step further. If you like to sew and have a lot of fabric, put it in transparent sleeves or envelopes, attach a hook to the envelope and hang them all on a pegboard. You will be able to see all your fabric and it will be within easy reach.

Clear canisters let you know what’s inside at a glance.

If you have a lot of small items like nails or buttons you can keep them contained in clear canisters. That way they are all in one place, the lid is secure so they won’t spill, and you can see what is inside. If the items have specific measurements or characteristics you can note them on a label on the outside. While round canisters work well, square canisters fit better into storage spaces so you may want to opt for them if you can.

Install shelves and cabinets – and lots of them.

When you decide to reboot your storage room design, make sure to include plenty of shelves and cabinets. View blank walls as potential areas for storage and construct shelving or cabinets. Assess what you currently have that you want to store and build your shelving to accommodate those sizes. Vary the heights if you can in order to best utilize the space.

Turn unused space into storage space.

One of the best storage room ideas for design is to make use of space you already have. Deep cabinets may be difficult to get into, but if you install a slide out in the cabinet you can reach everything – even the stuff way in the back. Areas under benches or stationary tables can be turned into additional storage by installing drawers or cabinets. Even the space under a workbench can be better used by bolting one end of a muffin tin to the work surface with the tin right side up allowing it to swing out so you can access items inside. Use the tin to sort nails, buttons, pins, or other small items.

Create additional space by nesting.

Nesting means placing an item inside of a larger, similar item. People often do this with pots, putting smaller pots inside of larger ones. You can do this with other item as well. If you have a turkey roaster that you only use a couple of times a year, store your extra baking pans and cookie sheets inside. That way, when you pull the roaster out to cook, you will have the pans right there as well.
One of the amazing and wonderful byproducts of an organized home; it acts as a destressor. Clutter tends to be very stressful on so many levels. Storage room organization does not have to be overly complicated or difficult. All it takes is a little time and planning – and a lot of sorting.
What is your favorite storage room organization tip? Share it with us in the comments below!

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