Follow this One Simple Step to Dramatically Reduce Your Electricity Bill Each Month


We’ve all been there, an electric bill that is through the roof during the extreme seasons of the year. No one likes to be hot and sweaty and as a result, we turn our air conditioning up to try and combat the stifling summer heat. Though this is a good enough way to cool off, it can also result in a high electricity bill that is hard to pay and even harder to justify.

What Causes a High Electric Bill to Climb?

There are a few different factors that do tend to make our electricity bill go up. Leaving lights on, using a ton of electronics, and our heating and cooling systems all contribute to high energy bills that keep you from saving money. That being said, during the summer months when the air conditioner is running full blast, the bill can be even higher with an average of $100 dollars over your typical spring or fall bill.

Your air conditioning system is likely going to be energy star rated if you have had it replaced in the last few years. But be aware if it hasn’t been replaced recently. The older the unit, the more power it uses and the more it contributes to a high bill. Systems staying on all day, during the peak hours of heat, and during the night can all make your energy bill higher.

While cutting back on energy usage can help to reduce your bill, it is not going to be the only factor necessary to dramatically lower your bill. Aside from replacing your entire heating and cooling system, it really is the little things that help to make a big difference. Something as simple as installing an awning can make a bigger difference than you might imagine.

How Can An Awning Help Lower Your Energy Costs?

Awnings are a great way to create shade without planting trees or creating large structures to do so. So how can an awning help to reduce your energy costs? Our homes are heated from the outside as the heat from the sun beats down on the roof of the home, windows, and doors. Each time a door is opened the hot air that is stagnant just outside the threshold comes in and heats the home up. Similarly, the ambient air that is outside the door is also going to work to heat up the glass which then contributes to the overall heat in the home.

An awning can help to shield doors and windows to help reduce the amount of ambient heat around your doors and windows, which will help reduce the overall heat of the home. Shielding doors and windows can help also to reduce the temperature of the air that is being let in when they are opened. If the air just outside the door or window is cooler, it is going to emit less heat into the home and is going to make the temperature inside the home cooler. Much like window shades help to reduce heat, an awning can make a huge difference.

Mesa Awning has a huge range of awning styles, types, and designs to fit any home and any aesthetic. With a full consultation, you can find the awning that works best for you both functionally and visually. They will help you choose an awning that will add not only beauty to your home, but also to help reduce your energy costs. The awning of your dreams is just one phone call away. Contact Mesa Awning today to get your awning underway.

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