How to Plan a Romantic Backyard Dinner


What could be better than a romantic backyard dinner? Kick back, enjoy your time and relax with your significant other. You don’t need to invest a ton of money, either, when you’re prioritizing quality time. We feel you deserve a heads-up about picnic ideas that are great for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or your next date night!  Set up a great romantic backyard dinner with these steps.

First, Set the Mood

A dining space is only as good as its mood. Whether you’re having a picnic under a pergola—which is ideal—or lounging in your own, make-shift picnic area, you have a variety of decoration options to choose from.

Set up some mood lighting with lanterns and candles. By hanging them, you can fortify the ‘deep summer’ vibe. Plant some fresh flowers, and pair them with pillar candles and candle votives, too, to create warm, inviting table centerfolds. To keep the bugs away in warm weather, consider using Citronella candles. As for the picnic area, itself, consider using blankets or lounge chairs. Portable speakers offer great music with little hassle, so highlight your environment with great, romantic music.

Next, Create Your Dining Space

You’ll be aiming for portability, ease of accessibility and sincerity, here. An old-fashioned picnic basket works surprisingly well, and it can guarantee a quality date night. 

Some clean, nice-looking cloth is perfect for a picnic blanket. Your dining space should have silverware, cups, paper towels and zip-lock bags to store side items. If your meals need a little spice, pack up some salt, pepper and garlic. Trash bags help, too. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they’ll become essential.

Finally, Prepare the Menu

If you’re dining outdoors, simpler is better. Trust us, it’ll make your dinner date much more endearing. Consider going for a cheese plate collection, made up of cheddar, brie, gouda and fresh fruit. Cheese is wonderfully romantic, and a little variety goes a long way. Cold shrimp cocktail, some sauce and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus are always wonderful additions.

Pack some ready-made salad, and bring out a French bread loaf. By minimizing preparation, you can make sure the dinner is about you—the couple. Chill out with a glass of champagne, or bring out a couple glasses of wine. A sumptuous meal is great, but side refreshments make the magic happen.

Enjoy the Date

A romantic dinner is nothing without a little surprise. Add a little spontaneity. Surprise your partner with a small gift, a unique menu addition or even a special area. Even if you’re both planning the evening together, you can still add a little mystery in. Seclusion is nice, too, and either a pergola or awning can help create a cabana-esque environment. Get creative with the lighting, too, and bring in your partner’s favorite scent.

There’s a lot to do, outside, spanning across eating, music and even dancing. Above all: Enjoy the night. It’s your date night, after all, and your romantic backyard dinner can be as memorable as you want it to be.

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