Outdoor Storage Options to Organize Your Life


Struggling to keep your garden equipment, lawn mower, and backyard grilling supplies all organized? Letting your outdoor equipment rest scattered across the yard leads to damage due to exposure to the elements, not to mention theft and a generally disheveled look.

Outdoor organization doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Explore your outdoor storage options from Mesa Awning, then get in touch with us to schedule the delivery and installation of your favorite option. You can take back your yard before your next summer gathering.

Small Awning Storerooms

Already have an awning providing shade on one side of your house? Take advantage of its footprint by inserting a small storeroom underneath it. We’ll build the entire room from scratch to your specifications to fit it perfectly under the awning. With matching siding and a limited size, the storeroom will blend into the home’s exterior rather than sticking out.

These closet-sized rooms are ideal for homeowners with a small patch of lawn and few outdoor tools to store. There’s plenty of space for holiday decorations and even pool toys or outdoor hobby equipment you rarely use, such as skis, snowshoes, and sleds.

Expanded Storage Rooms

When a closet-sized addition simply won’t hold everything, we can create a full-sized room addition to giving you all the storage area you need. These larger projects are ideal for workshops and storage when you own an entire fleet of lawn tools. For example, most riding lawn mowers won’t fit into the upright style of storage room.

A large room ensures you can park all of your riding and handheld tools out of the rain. If you regularly work inside the storage area, we can include plenty of windows to let in all the natural light you need. Wiring is also available to include charging outlets for those eco-friendly battery-powered lawn tools. Whether you want just a small entrance or a full-sized sliding door to accommodate a wide lawn tractor, the design of your outdoor storage room will be adjusted to meet your needs.

Siding Options

Regardless of size, shape, and design, all of our storerooms can be customized to use the siding of your choice. Vinyl siding is an economical choice that works best when you’re trying to blend the addition into the rest of the home’s exterior. With vinyl matched to your home’s current exterior, the room will look like it was built during the original construction. If your home doesn’t have vinyl siding or you want the storage space to stand out a little, consider lap board or Hardie board siding instead. Both of these products come in a variety of colors and are easily stained or painted to match your requests. The siding is durable enough to withstand years of sun and rain before needing any maintenance. Board siding is particularly good for finishing the exterior of a storage room because it acts as a minor source of insulation and resists damage from pets and kids.

Reasons to Go Custom

Wondering why you should order a custom storage space from Mesa Awnings instead of using a pre-made storage closet or building? By going custom, you’ll enjoy benefits like

  • A layout that fits your exact needs instead of being just a little too big or too small
  • Lighting and wiring that illuminates the right areas and places outlets right where you need them
  • Built-in storage racks, countertops, shelving units, and other interior additions
  • A matching design that complements your home instead of clashing
  • Long-term resale value, since the durability of the storage room, ensures the next owner of the home will enjoy using it too.

Ready to find out how much storage space you can afford to add right now? Contact us at Mesa Awning for more information.

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