Outdoor Living Rooms for Spring


In any design scheme, adding details that bring the inside out add to the unique beauty of the design. Outdoor living rooms are not only practical, but add a new dimension of usefulness to the home. There are a number of reasons why an outdoor living room will be useful, but knowing how to put together a successful outdoor living room is key. Here are a few suggestions in creating an outdoor living room space for any design:

Design scheme

The design of your outdoor living room is key. You want to make sure it is large enough to meet your needs, and is creative enough to make an impact. Choosing a particular color scheme, or design scheme based on time period can work well. Mixing and matching pieces from different eras adds character and can be fun.


The furniture you pick plays a huge role in how the living room is designed. You must think of comfort at all levels, in addition to the elements. The right furniture will have cushions that are easy to clean, will not pose a problem when it rains or is exposed to any other elements, and has comfortable seating. This should be a conversation and gathering area that serves a number of purposes.


The lighting in any space is important. There should be different stages of lighting for the outdoor living room. One set of lights should be for anytime, and then there should be ambient lighting for those cozy evenings. There are many different types of lighting that will be able to accomplish this, with metal lamps and holders that will accentuate the area.


Whether there are tall walls, short walls or dividers, it is important to have a dedicated space to create the living room. Taking the time to define the space will provide the dimension you need, and meets the objective of bringing the inside out. Trees can also have a hand in making sure the outdoor living room concept is working. Having a defined space will also help in the design and decoration of the rest of the yard.

Accent pieces

As with any living room, accent pieces make a difference. Large planters, lighting pieces, accent tables and other pieces fit for an outdoor living room will add charm and give the space its own identity.


A fireplace or fire pit is the perfect addition to outdoor living rooms. It adds warmth for those areas that have cool evenings, and design charm for those areas where having a fireplace may pose questions. This is a piece that works well near or away from a pool, can be positioned in rocks, or can be part of the design as a built-in.

These are just a few ideas when putting together ideas for outdoor living rooms. It is important to take every element into account to help them work together in creating a functional design that will stand the test of time. Putting objectives and needs on paper will help during the planning stages to make sure every area has been covered. Taking the time to approach the design of any outdoor living room as a major project is key. Once the needs have been established, putting together the elements that will work together should be fun.

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