Ouch! My Backyard Isn’t Safe for My Kids


Keeping Your Backyard Safe

Prickly cacti are one of the most common types of shrubs in Arizona. While they certainly are beautiful and can serve as great additions to any backyard landscape, they are not ideal for families with children or pets. Kids should be taught about the dangers of these shrubs, but at the end of the day accidents can happen. Unfortunately, cacti can be very painful and difficult to remove completely, especially if the barbs are smaller in size. If you have ever accidentally squeezed one of them, you know how bad it can hurt. To avoid unnecessary injuries and to keep your kids safe, you may want to consider planting some alternatives. There are many shrubs to choose from that provide beautiful views all year-round, so be sure to shop around. Selecting the perfect assortment for your backyard can be very enjoyable, so long as you know what to look for.

Many homeowners get disgruntled when it comes to the buying process, particularly due to the wealth of options that are present. Here are some ideas to help you get started. Keep in mind, you can always plant cacti later on when your children are old enough to know better. If you are fan of cacti, you will probably want to stick with similar low-maintenance plants. Be sure to invest in an awning or outdoor covering to provide shade for plants that need less sunlight. While cacti are best known for their ability to withstand extreme temperatures (due to their remarkable water conservation capabilities), not all shrubs are so efficient in this regard. This is one mistake many people make; they will replace their existing cacti with plants that are not well suited for extremely dry conditions, only to find their new purchases dried up and wilted. At any rate, here is a list of some common shrubs to think about.

Safe Alternatives to Cacti

Compacta burning bush; bright and colorful, this is a solid option for any cacti owner. Compacta burning bushes can adapt and survive in many environments; in fact, they grow better with more exposure to sunlight. In addition, the height these shrubs generally reach (up to 10 feet) makes them great for people who want privacy in their backyard.

Rose Creek Abelia; this shrub is smaller in size and will be best suited around the perimeter of your home or in your garden. It can also be installed as a potted plant. In this regard, awnings are recommended. Rose Creek Abelias produce gorgeous shades of purple and have long been a popular landscaping choice.

Thuja Green Giant; if you want a large shrub that will offer exceptional privacy as well as beautiful outdoor scenery, you can’t go wrong with this one. Just make sure your backyard is large enough; Thuja Green Giants have been known to reach heights of over 50 feet, which almost makes them a tree. They are often planted alongside one another to create a windbreak.

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