How to Start Your Own Succulent Garden


Spring has officially sprung and many people are looking for unique and fun ways to start gardens that will keep them busy all summer. Succulents are a wonderful option for those that want a plant that is beautiful, as well as hearty and easy to grow. Making your own succulent garden is easier than you might imagine and with these tips you can have a fantastic garden in no time.

Plant Choice

Succulents are highly varied and are easy to grow and care for. That being said, when choosing your succulents you should keep a few different things in mind. For starters, the level or height of the plant matters. When planting a succulent garden you want to keep taller plants toward the center so that it will remain balanced and so that these taller plants will not block the shade or nutrients of smaller, shorter plants. You also need to consider the necessary moisture level to keep your plants in great shape. Those that need more water should be planted toward the center or away from plants that need less water so that you can regulate how much they receive. You may also want to consider color and other options when designing your garden.


The next thing to consider is the container that you are going to be planting in. Shallow pots are great for succulents as they allow for shallow root growth and allow you to more efficiently regulate the amount of water that the plants receive. A shallow pan is also a great way to showcase your succulents and to show off your gardening skills. Terracotta and other natural stones and clay containers help to retain moisture and to regulate it making them optimal for succulents.


The next thing to consider is what plants are going to be planted together and which are better off as solo plants. While it is far easier to grow a single succulent, it is far less interesting and can take a great deal away from the visual interest of your garden. If you are planting solo, go for a great plant that is going to be interesting and that is going to draw the right amount of attention. You also want to opt for larger plants when you are planting solo plants to make up for the fact that you are going to have less plants to work with. With multi plant pots, you are going to want to make sure that the plants work well together, that there is enough space between them, and that they are all from the same basic region so that their needs will be similar.


Succulents come in a wide range of colors, shape, sizes, and breeds so you can truly express yourself and make for a very interesting display try potting plants of coordinating colors, shapes, levels and sizes together to create a garden that at once works well together but still have some interesting textures and shapes.


A succulent garden is something that takes minimal care and is perfect for places that may not have tons of space or tons of sunlight. This type of garden is great for offices and for smaller spaces like apartments as well and can be perfect for those that may not be the best at keeping plants alive. A succulent garden only needs water about once a week once the roots have been established making it the perfect low maintenance option.

Succulents are great and spring is a wonderful time to find some truly special ones for your new succulent garden.

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