How to Keep Your Deck in Top Shape in Arizona


If you own an outdoor deck or are planning on building one, you know how important it is to keep it protected. Exposed to the elements, untreated wood can easily be damaged in due time. Rain, snow and harmful UV rays will work to deteriorate the surface, which can lead to rotting and discoloration. Before you know, you will have to hire a contractor to repair the damage and even spend the money on a new install. It may seem unlikely, but bear in mind that this happens to many homeowners every year. Thus, protecting your investment from the very beginning is a must. There are many things you will want to do in this respect, so the best thing to do right now is make a list that you can check off. This will help keep you organized and ensure that you aren’t missing anything important.

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your deck is make sure the deck is swept and cleaned regularly. Dust, dirt and debris are natural corrosives that will cause damage if left sitting for a prolonged period of time. Likewise, treating the wood with a high quality sealer is the only way to keep your deck protected in the long-term from environmental exposure. Performing routine inspections for cracks, warping and other visible damage will help prevent future problems and will also help you locate the source of the issue before it gets worse. One tip that many homeowners fail to realize is that installing a retractable awning is a great way to protect a deck in addition to providing a comfortable outdoor experience.

In regards to retractable awnings, Arizona awning companies offer plenty of options for customers to choose from. Manual and automated devices that come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles will be sure to make the buying process fun. After all, with summer just around the corner, one can’t help but get excited for some shade and protection from the sun. Phoenix is a prime market for these products, so feel free to shop around and compare prices, in order to find the retractable awning that is right for your lifestyle and your deck protection. Here are just some of the ways decks are positively served by retractable awnings.

Why Decks Need Retractable Awnings

  1. Arizona awning experts recommend these devices be installed over decks because they shade the surface from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The benefit of retractable awnings is that they can easily be stored away when not in use. Leaving them open all summer is best though.
  2. The fabric will keep rain from reaching the wood, which is particularly important if your deck is untreated. Even if treated, a sealed deck will still benefit from an awning as well.
  3. Awnings can be custom-made to fit any deck size or shape, so you don’t have to worry about partial areas being exposed.
  4. The area underneath the awning will be cool and private, making your outdoor escape a bit more pleasant.
  5. In addition to the deck structure, patio furniture will also be protected from UV rays that can damage and discolor.
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