Hosting a Backyard Movie Night


How to Turn Your Yard Into the Hottest Ticket in the Neighborhood

Anyone who has enjoyed a movie under the starry sky knows it’s an experience even the most luxurious movie theater can’t match. Sadly, drive-in movies are a thing of the past in most areas of the country. But the good news is you can recreate the experience at home in your own backyard by throwing the ultimate backyard movie night!

Hosting a Backyard Movie Night? Here’s What You Need!

The Perfect Movie.

It all starts with finding the ideal backyard movie. By all means, choose a film you want to see, but remember watching the flick is just one part of the experience. Stay away from serious, dialogue-heavy selections or those with complex plots requiring intense concentration. Instead, go for a classic action, drama or even a campy movie with plenty of surprises, excitement, and laughs.

The Projector.

No portable projector, no problem. You can find tons of quality projectors online at reasonable prices online. If you don’t care about having the top of the line projector, you can find something decent for under 200 bucks. For most backyard cinemas, an LCD projector with at least 2000 lumens, 2000:1 contrast and HDMI in and audio out should be good enough. For smaller areas, make sure that the projector doesn’t run too loud to become a distraction.

The Movie Source.

Unless your projector is Wifi-enabled and you plan on streaming an online movie, you will need a source for your movie. Most people find a laptop is great for streaming from Netflix or Hulu. Just make sure the light from the laptop won’t distract anyone. If you want to go old-school, you can always drag out your DVD or Blu-Ray player.

The Sound.

Don’t forget the audio. If your backyard is wired for sound, you already got it covered. Otherwise, consider purchasing an outdoor sound system which you can connect through Bluetooth to your projector or streaming source to avoid excess wires.

The Screen.

Sure, you could project against a wall or a white sheet, but for the best results, you will want to invest in a real movie screen. There is a wide range available from inexpensive roll down options to massive drive-in quality screens. Choose one which fits your yard and your budget.

The Seating.

For the occasional movie night, use what you already have or ask your guests to bring blankets or folding chairs. But for anyone who plans on making outdoor viewing a regular event, invest in some comfy outdoor furniture.

The Refreshments.

What is a movie without snacks? Stock up on all the movie theater classics like popcorn, candy, or even pizza if you want, but why not think outside the box by providing a full buffet and an open bar for an experience everyone will remember?Do you love your yard? The outdoor experts at Mesa Awning understand. They offer a variety of products from pergolas to privacy shields to help you enjoy being outdoors more. Call 480-969-4064 to learn more.

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