Fun Backyard Party Ideas


We are fortunate to be living in Arizona where we can enjoy outdoor parties at any time of year. Even though our weather is gorgeous most of the year, let’s concentrate on fall and the upcoming cooler months to provide some inspiration for 3 great backyard party ideas.

Take Your Party to the Next Level

Backyard Camping Party!

We all know how much kids love camping, but because the kids are back in school and it is difficult to go out camping, let’s bring the campground to the backyard! A real bonfire or fire pit is a must for roasting hot dogs or whipping up some s’mores for desert. Decorating the backyard is easy with a camping motif. Keep it fun and simple by making rustic signs and placing them throughout the yard with camping themes on them such as “don’t feed the bears!” and “hiking trail 3 miles.” Old antiques make the scene look real such as lanterns, old stools, and buckets turned over for seats. Put up small pup tents or set up homemade forts that the kids will love to play in. Use your imagination for goodie bags and fill them with camping supplies such as compasses, mosquito repellent, flashlights, and other fun camping things. Set up a station of rock candy and let everyone choose a variety and leave with a leather pouch of rocks to enjoy! The sky’s the limit when you think of how much fun this backyard party could be. Happy camping!

 Outdoor Movie Night!

For those of us who love the outdoors and love movies, this is great family entertainment! Outdoor movie night can be pretty easy to put together and the kids will love it. First, we need to get the basic equipment such as a projector, a movie, and a white sheet. Find a creative way to hang the movie screen (the sheet), such as over a screen or awning, and even add a few decorative lights around it for fun. Then add all the fun pieces such as a concession stand, personalized popcorn containers, and a large assortment of drinks for all. A popcorn stand can be a separate structure offering a few different kinds of yummy popcorn such as cheese and caramel. Bean bag chairs are a great seat for the younger audience as are lawn chairs for the older audience. Child nap mats are also great for the little ones. Mason jar party cups with lids are great for this night themed party since no one can see that well and won’t spill while enjoying their drinks. So many fun ideas that we can add to this outdoor movie night! The ideas are endless. Enjoy the movies!

Hot Cocoa Bar Outdoor Party!

This is a great late fall party idea that warms you up just thinking about it. It can be fun, festive, and of course, delicious. You can impress the kids and all of your guests with your creativity on this one. Set up a table with holiday themed mugs along with decorative candles and a “fall” motif. Prepare several carafes of homemade hot chocolate using your favorite recipe. Finely chop up some add-ins such as mini marshmallows in festive colors, caramel squares, cinnamon sticks, and flavored syrups and whipped creams. You can chop up candy bars and really any of your favorite candies as well. For the adults in the group you can set up another table of add-in mixers they will enjoy such as peppermint or butterscotch schnapps, rum, Kahlúa, or any of your other favorites. Happy cozy fall!

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