Five Low Budget Patio Designs on a Budget


Selecting viable patio designs on a budget takes time. Every home is different, and every yards’ needs change with the season. Sure, time is money, but it doesn’t need to be tied to it. We believe costs can be spared when selecting patio designs, and we’re ready to run through each of this year’s finest, expense-sparing options around. Check it out:

18Budget Option One: Salvaged Stone

The “industrial look” is in, and you can save heaps by harvesting stone for your patio. Typically, firm members are ready and willing to assist with stone harvesting. Make sure you pick up a hammer, chisel, safety glasses and gloves, however, because this DIY project takes time to complete.

Natural stone greatly reduces the need for salvaged pavers and bricks. With a little diligence, a pile of material and a hardscape palette, you can complete a big surface are in little time. A few salvaged stone designs exist, and each is entirely easy to create if you’ve got the right set of tools.

Budget Option Two: A Meandering Path

By cutting a clean path, you can reduce patio material expenses. Moreover, you can maximize your backyard’s “green” factor. Add a meandering path, and give your backyard space a polished look. Instead of using pavers, turn to quarter-inch crushed rock. Crushed rock is available in a ton of colors, and each can be surrounded by bender board. Lay down about five inches of crushed rock, flatten the surface path with a plate compactor and take care of your area. Sure, you might pay a little extra in landscaping, but your wallet will thank you in the long-run.

20Budget Option Three: Hanging Lanterns

Ditch the power lights, and go green with hanging lanterns. In 2016, the peaceful ambiance of a hanging lantern setup is preferred by many homeowners. While you might need to pay attention to fire-provided light, you can pinch pennies by creating a cheap alternative to most outdoor lighting solutions. Aside from installation costs, which, really, are just DIY costs, overall maintenance costs are low. Why deal with hefty outdoor utility costs? Shouldn’t you be putting those dollars elsewhere?

Budget Option Four: A Fire Pit 

Entertainment needn’t be wall-mounted, either. If you’re moving away from a fireplace installation, draw your attention to a visual focal point. A lot of function and fun can be added to a patio by installing a fire pit, and a lot of homeowners are preferring in-patio designs, these days. Why? Because fire pits replace age-old expensive lighting options. They’re cheap to maintain, quick to install and easily altered. If you haven’t considered installing a fire pit yet, you should examine your patio’s priorities.

So, set up your outdoor oasis with a few DIY solutions. Install a pint-sized pit, toss in a few heat-resistant pavers and create a small circle of six bricks. Sound cheap? You’re not wrong. Fire-safe materials are cheap, and they last a really long time. Remember: Follow your area’s fire codes, be safe and take care during installation.

Budget Option Five: A Six-Panel Screen

Sometimes, space is an issue. Fortunately, a lot of outdoor décor designers have created solutions with six-panel screens. Don’t invest in expensive installations. Instead, add to your patio’s perceived size by placing a well-thought-out screen. Six-panel screens add fantastic ambiance, complement ornamental shrubbery and create depth. By installing a six-panel screen, you can greatly reduce costs associated with space allocation.

Many of the options above can spare costs further, when approached carefully. In the world of patio design, it’s important to compartmentalize. Don’t roll over for the first available option. Take a couple risks, but make sure they’re calculated risks. Remember: This is your space. Design it in your own way.

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