Enjoy These 5 Benefits of Alumawood® Patio Covers


Imagine the luxury of an extended living space right in your backyard – a sheltered area that radiates comfort, elegance, and a true sense of home. In the arid Arizona landscape, outdoor living is not merely a concept — it’s a lifestyle. So, if you want to enhance your backyard, let Mesa Awning introduce you to Alumawood® patio covers. Here are five daily benefits experienced by individuals with Alumawood® patio covers.

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

Alumawood® patio covers provide homeowners with the natural beauty of wood coupled with the added benefits of aluminum. These custom-built covers blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture and landscaping, creating a unified and appealing aesthetic.

The warm, wood grain finish of Alumawood® showcases nature’s charm without the drawbacks of traditional wood, such as warping and rot. With Mesa Awning’s expert design and installation, homeowners can tailor their Alumawood® patio cover to their exact specifications. From color choices to beam/end cuts and the selection of lattice or solid covers, the level of customization is only limited by your imagination.

2. Durability and Longevity

Patio cover installations are often long-term investments, and Mesa’s unique climate underscores the importance of durability and long-lasting solutions. Alumawood® stands up to the challenge, outperforming traditional wood options by a large margin.

Constructed from high-quality aluminum, these patio covers are impervious to the elements. They withstand Mesa’s scorching summers and sudden monsoon rains without fading or warping. The material’s resilience also means that Alumawood® covers require minimal maintenance. Unlike wood, which demands protection from weather and periodic refinishing, Alumawood® needs an occasional rinse with water to maintain its luster.

3. Pest Resistance

Termites and other pests are an unfortunate reality for wood-made structures, especially in Mesa and its surrounding areas. Alumawood®’s natural resistance to pests is a game-changer for homeowners looking to protect their investment from these invasive threats.

Aluminum is an inert material that does not attract termites or other insects, safeguarding your patio cover against unsightly and potentially damaging infestations. This resistance to pests eliminates the need for chemical treatments and provides a carefree outdoor experience for you and your family.

4. Increased Property Value

In addition to improving the comfort and usability of your outdoor living space, an Alumawood® Patio Cover can significantly enhance the value of your home. For example, potential buyers appreciate homes with outdoor amenities that require little upkeep.

Aluminum patio cover installations, especially those with the added appeal of Alumawood®’s aesthetics, are recognized as valuable home improvements. They are seen as extensions of the home’s interior living space, a significant selling point in this market. Not only does the additional shelter provide a tangible benefit to potential buyers, but the low maintenance and durability factors also contribute to a substantial resale value for your property.

5. Shade and Comfort

One of the primary functions of a patio cover is to provide a welcome retreat from Arizona’s intense sun and monsoon rains. Alumawood® excels at creating a cool and inviting space for leisure, entertainment, and relaxation.

These covers reduce the heat from direct sunlight, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature under your patio all year round. Whether hosting a summer barbecue or enjoying a tranquil evening under the stars, the shade provided by your Alumawood® cover ensures you can do so comfortably.

Get Your Alumawood® Patio Cover Today

For homeowners in Mesa, Arizona, creating an ideal backyard oasis is not a luxury; it’s a wise investment in your living experience. With Mesa Awning as your partner, you can look forward to an expertly crafted Alumawood® Patio Cover that enhances your property’s value and quality of life. So, remember: A lasting, beautiful, and functional patio cover is just a phone call away. Contact us today at (480) 969-4064 to start your journey toward a vibrant and updated outdoor living area with a new patio cover, awning, or pergola.

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