Do’s & Don’ts of Selecting Mobile Home Skirting


Mobile home skirting is essential to protecting some vital functions of your home. A properly installed skirt can increase the aesthetic appeal of your mobile home, as well as protect the underbelly from unwanted pests and weather elements. If you’re shopping around for skirting supplies or an installation specialist, contact the team at Mesa Awning; we’ll help guide you through the entire process. In the meantime, here’s our list of do’s and don’ts when selecting the right skirting for your home.


Calculate how much you’ll need.

Start by measuring the outside of your home, and then add the lengths and widths of all the sides that you want to cover with skirting, including decking and porches. Your total will be the amount of boarding your skirting will attach to, and thus how much skirting material you’ll need. You’ll also need to calculate the required height of your skirting by measuring the distance between the ground and the bottom of your mobile home. When you’re done, you’ll have the complete measurement of how much skirting is needed.

Stick to a budget.

Like any home remodeling project, you’ll want to set a budget for how much you’re willing to spend. Knowing your budget will help you narrow your material choices, and help determine the type of insulation you can use under your home. Knowing your budget and sticking to it will also ensure you find the right installation company. You will also want to look at warranties, and what type of guarantees you get with different materials.

Buy all of your material at once.

When it is time to purchase your materials, it’s best to purchase everything at once to ensure that your skirting is from the same lot. If you wait to purchase skirting in segments, you run the risk of colors not matching, or even worse, that the materials may not be available to finish your project.


Buy cheap materials.

As you shop around, you’ll find there are many different materials for mobile home skirting, and the options may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here at Mesa Awning, we use only the highest quality materials, including vinyl, aluminum, vinyl lap siding, and hardboard. All of these materials are designed to outlast the weather elements and give your home a polished look. Avoid cheap materials and you won’t have to worry about chips, dents, or missing segments after a thunderstorm.

Skip on proper insulation.

In most cases, foam insulation is the best solution for both your pocketbook and the environment. At the end of the day, your goal is to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and higher quality insulation can help with that. But before you spray insulation, ensure you have the proper moisture barrier under your home to ensure that moisture doesn’t get trapped in spaces under your home.

Ignore community regulations.

Many mobile home communities have regulations for what you can and cannot add to the exterior of your home. Before you install, educate yourself on what your community regulations allow and how you can make your home uniform, yet get the finished look you desire. You’ll also want to know if you need a permit to do construction, and if so, how long it will take to get that permit. Knowing your city and community regulations will ensure a successful project.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to installation, turn to the trusted experts at Mesa Awning in Mesa, AZ. We proudly serve the entire Phoenix Valley area and offer installation services for a variety of products including traditional window awnings, carports, backyard coverings, patios, and more. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for your free quote, give contact us at (480) 969-4064 today!

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