DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Patio Curtains


When it comes to outdoor spaces it can be incredibly difficult to feel like you can use them for intimate parties, get-togethers, or gatherings because they are so open. With pergolas and patios this feeling is especially noted because there is a defined space that should feel closed but that is still open to passerby. There are some easy ways to get your patio into cozy shape and make it feel more like an extension of your home rather than a separate space that is outdoors.

Benefits of  No Sew Drop Cloth Patio Curtains for Your Pergola

It is always best to decide what benefits you are going to get from any project before you start. For many, the benefits are what truly drives their projects and makes them want to complete them. Curtains in a pergola area are beneficial for so many reasons, starting with the fact that it can help make your outdoor space feel more like your home. Outdoor spaces have a tendency to be very open and may not really feel right for a party of a few people that want to keep the conversation within their group. Curtains make outdoor spaces feel more like a room in your home.

Another great benefit is that they help you get far more use out of your outdoor space. When it rains, curtains can help keep the moisture off, they can help give shade in the hot summer months, and they can also help to keep the chill off when fall and winter starts to make the nights a bit chillier. They are also great for making a statement and updating spaces without any major renovation. An added bonus is that they are far easier to make yourself than you might imagine.

How To Make No Sew Drop Cloth Patio Curtains

What You Will Need

  • Drop cloths or the fabric of your choice. Silk, burlap, and heavy cotton are also great for this type of project. For a fun twist you may even use something like a quilt or a blanket with a design that you like.
  • Washers to weight your curtains and keep them from blowing all over the place when you are enjoying your newly defined outdoor space.
  • Hardware to hang your curtains, this can be something as simple as shower curtain rings, clip rings, or even specially ordered pieces that are intended for outdoor use or for pergola curtains. The choice is entirely yours.
  • A curtain rod is also a necessity to help hang your curtains. You can use shower curtain rods for larger rods that will have a bit more substance or you can use a metal conduit to help hang your curtains.
  • You might also need spray paint or other embellishments to help decorate your curtains if you choose drop cloths or fabric that does not have a design or that does not have a color to it.

How To: No Sew Drop Cloth Patio Curtains

  1. The first step is always going to be measuring. This is the step you need to take before you ever purchase your drop cloths or your hanging rods as this will determine how much you need to purchase in order to surround your entire pergola.
  2. After measuring you need to of course buy the proper amount of each product and work on placement of your metal conduit or your curtain rod. You should mount this in a secure area with proper length screws so that your rod holds the weight of the drop cloths.
  3. Decorate your drop cloths. If you are going with a simple look and do not want to add color or decoration, you can skip this step, otherwise, decorate and give your drop cloths time to dry.
  4. Attach the clip hooks or the shower curtain rings to the drop cloth and hang them from your mounted hardware.

Pergola curtains are a wonderful way to define your outdoor space and get more use out of it even as the seasons change. This can help make your outdoor space look and feel better and can add a special twist to your pergola all year round.

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