Custom Storage Sheds: the Benefits


Investing in a storage shed for your home or business is not as easy as it sounds. You have to think of your needs and the way your home or business will grow before you invest in a storage shed. Many options are out there that allow you to purchase a storage shed and ship it as-is to wherever it needs to be. While this sounds convenient and affordable, the cookie cutter storage sheds that are available may not fit your storage needs for years to come. Many cookie cutter storage sheds are also not built to withstand different types of weather, and then they need to replaced – not saving you any money at all.

A custom storage shed is one of the best options you have when it comes to making a decision to store your things outside of your home or office. Custom storage sheds have many benefits and come with endless options, from color, shape and size to organization, need and placement. Below are a few of the options custom storage sheds present:


Think of where your storage shed will be placed on the property. If the storage shed is going to be used at your home, you don’t want just any shed that may not fit into the design scheme of your home or yard. Custom storage sheds can be designed to fit any look. Perhaps your home has a more desert feel. You don’t want a storage shed that doesn’t fit in with your outdoor lifestyle; a storage shed that is created with a woodsy, country feel would be an eyesore in your desert landscape.

Storage sheds with stained wooden paneling are a great option for a more traditional setting. You can also customize the look of the wood to fit any outdoor furniture or decorations. Other options include Yoder storerooms, vinyl lap siding storage sheds, vertical hard board storage sheds and lap sided hardboard storage sheds. Custom storage sheds can also be created with windows, doors and other useful amenities.


What exactly do you need to store? What type of storage shed organization will best fit your needs? It’s good to know not only what you need the storeroom for today, but how you will be able to utilize the extra space in the future. When you speak with a custom storage shed professional, it’s wise to take into consideration the following:

  • For what will you be most using the storage shed?
  • Will you be spending a lot of time in the storeroom?
  • Do you need the storeroom to store a multitude of different items, from gardening supplies to toys to Christmas decorations you only use once a year?

If you will be spending a lot of time in the storeroom (be it a craft room, a hobby area or similar), will the storage shed need a cooling or heating system? Most of the time, homeowners don’t want to pay the extra energy costs for cooling and heating systems in a storage shed. However, keep in mind the things you will be storing and if they need to be in a cool place throughout the year. Storage sheds can be placed near cool, shady areas of the home or yard if you want to avoid extra energy costs.


Another benefit of choosing a custom storage shed for your home is safety. Storage rooms can safely store many things that tend to live in your yard, such as toys, bicycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, gardening tools, etc. Many things that you use outside tend to be very expensive, and you don’t ever want to leave any of those things out in the open. Perhaps you’ve been storing things in the garage, but you’re quickly running out of space. A custom storage shed can provide the necessary security you need to keep your investments. Storage sheds can be built to specific sizes to fit all of these things and more. As ATVs and lawnmowers can be very large, you don’t want your entire shed to be filled with just one item, leaving no space to organize other items. Safety is an important part of your home and you want to maintain security at all times, no matter where you live.

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Custom storage sheds can answer a slew of problems you may have, from safety to organization to even design. Perhaps you want the look a storage shed can provide to your backyard. Perhaps a storeroom can make the area appear more homey. No matter what your need, a custom storage shed is a solid investment in your future and your home.

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