Controlling the Shade


What’s better than relaxing outside on your patio with the sun shining? Doing so without the light blinding your eyes and the heat causing your outdoor session to be cut short, of course! Knowing how to control the amount of shade in your yard is important for a number of reasons. Aside from keeping you and your guests comfortable, the shade also protects your lawn, garden and patio furniture from harmful UV rays. Although flowers and plants need sunlight to survive, too much can also be a bad thing. In a place like Arizona where summer heat waves can reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, a cool outdoor environment is definitely something you should aim to create.

Fortunately, the options available in this respect will also work to increase the appeal of your landscape. In addition, you will want to choose natural and manmade methods to achieve the ultimate outdoor shading effect. Planting trees in your yard is an excellent way to add shade and also privacy. There are many types to choose from, so be sure to shop around to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either; some of the greatest landscaping designs contain multiple types of shrubs.

Great Ways to Control the Shade in Your Yard

Buy an awning; these devices work great all year-round, but are especially useful in the summer time. Retractable awnings in particular can be conveniently tucked away when you want to conserve space. Likewise, they come in multiple shapes and sizes, which means you can custom choose one to cover your deck and yard if need be.

Build or buy a pergola or gazebo; these structures are great for relaxing and getting out of the sunlight. Many hot tub owners also use them as enclosures, although patio furniture works well too.

Plant trees; it may take some time for the trees to reach full maturity, but the long term investment will be well worth it. In addition to offering plenty of shading, trees also block wind and serve as an excellent privacy barrier. Be sure to plan out exactly where you want to plant them beforehand.

To control the shade in an outdoor enclosure or patio room, you can also install heavy drapes or curtains. There are many types of window covering options on the market, all of which are designed to keep spaces cool.

Get some shade sails; these are basically over-sized umbrellas that are installed on a concrete platform. Due to the weight of the support poles, you will need to know how to secure this device in the ground to prevent potential accidents.

A pop up canopy is an excellent alternative to a permanent structure like a shade sail. It is easy to install and take down, and can be fully functional within a couple of minutes.

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