The Best Types of Awning for Your Business


Awnings are a fantastic addition to any building and to any commercial business or storefront. They can be that finishing touch you are looking for to make your business look complete, they can add coverage in times of inclement weather, and they can help make your commercial business look truly finished.

Just as there are tons of different types of residential awnings to choose from, there are just as many different types of commercial awnings that you can choose from to complete your business.

Types of Commercial Awnings

There are a wide variety of awning types to choose from if you are trying to complete your commercial business. Things like shape, size, and material are all factors to keep in mind when choosing your commercial awning.

The first thing to consider when choosing your commercial awning is to remember that awnings can be built to nearly any specific shape or size to best fit the commercial building they are going to be installed on.

Awning Shapes

One of the most common commercial awnings pertaining to shape is the dome awning. This awning is going to be a fixed frame awning that is domed to fit over doorways on the outside of your commercial building. This type of awning is great for giving your business a finished look and for providing cover from things like rain and snow as well as shade from the sun.

Dome awnings can be round domes or elongated dome-shaped to fit the space that they are covering. You can also add awnings over windows and outdoor break areas.

Aside from the dome awning, there are also plenty or square or rectangular awnings as well. These are also great for sheltering doorways or being placed over windows to give added shade.

If you choose a professional company like Mesa Awning to install and design your awning, you can even get an awning that is custom fit for your business. Custom awnings are not only going to be functional but also beautiful.

If neither a dome or square awning work for you, you can also opt for retractable awnings, even those with sun sensors, that can give shelter to any outdoor space.

Awning Fabric

Another factor to consider is that the different types of awning you can choose from can also be made from a variety of materials. Many commercial awnings are built to spec at the site. This means you have a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing the fabric your awning is made of. You can choose from traditional fabric that is covered in a water-resistant coating or canvas. Plastic may also be an option in some cases.

It is always helpful to talk with a professional consultant at the awning company you choose to see what materials are available for your awning. You can also choose from a range of colors that match your business scheme and in some cases, can even have your business name added to the awning for that finishing touch.

Find the Right Company

The key to any awning is to find the right company. It is crucial that you find a company that is professional, skilled, and that can work with you to create the awning you have always imagined.

Mesa Awning has the experience and the dedication you need to get the perfect awning for your business. Call today to set up a consultation to get the perfect awning for your commercial space.

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