Carports vs Garages: The Difference, and Why it Matters


Carports vs Garages?

If you want to cover your driveway, or you’re moving into a new house that has a carport and no garage, you might be considering some of the different options you have. That’s often how the carport vs garage debate gets started. You aren’t sure which one is right for you or which one will really fit in your budget and meet your needs.

But if you’re thinking about having a carport installed, or thinking about upgrading a carport to a garage and wondering if it’s worth the price, here are the kinds of things you’ll want to consider before you make your decision. The more you know about both options, the more easily you can choose something that will be the right option for your vehicles and your location. Keeping the sun off of your vehicle is important since it can keep it more comfortable inside and also protect the paint and the interior from damage.


What are the similarities with carport vs garage choices?

Both carports and garages provide protection for your vehicles. But a garage is sealed up, with four walls and a door, while a carport is generally more open. It may be like an awning with poles, or it may have sides and be open on the end, where the vehicle drives into it. It may also be open on the front, or it may have a wall there or be butted up against the house. No matter which carport you choose, you’ll have a more open feeling than you would get with a garage.

The closed-in nature of the garage makes some people like them better, but they also cost much more and aren’t right for everyone. A more open style of protection is often a good choice, and it can be used by nearly everyone, even if they don’t have enough room to build a garage. Installing a carport can be an excellent investment. It’s also a way to protect your car in a location where a garage just isn’t going to be practical.


Where to Buy a Carport vs Garage

When you want a carport, there are many ways to get one. But the best option is to follow all applicable building codes. In order to do that, you may want to choose a professional company to help you set up and install the carport. That way, you will have a great place for parking your car and can take advantage of everything carports offer. Mesa Awning can help. You can request a free estimate, and if you don’t have a carport at all now or you have an old one that’s in poor shape, you can purchase a new carport so your needs will be better met.


There are places where you can choose a carport that gets delivered to your house, and you can install it yourself. But the risk there is not having a professional installation. That can put the carport and your vehicle at risk. The quality may also be questionable and could leave you with little recourse. When you choose Mesa Awning you won’t have any of those worries. Your carport will be installed right, with the proper permitting, and you’ll have the fair price and good quality you deserve. It’s easy and free to get an estimate, so you can get started planning your new carport today.

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