How to Build Storage Shelves for Your Shed


If your storage shed looks like a bad horror film inside, it’s time to install some new shelving. But instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the store why not build one yourself? This is a fun project that you or anyone with a handyman’s talent you know can dig into. Let’s begin.

How to Build Storage Shelves for Your Shed

It’s important to have the right tools for the project to ensure its success. To start off right, get a circular saw, power drill, and tape measure that’s at least 20′ long. You will also need a jig or hack saw and a hammer. You’ll be able to tell if the built shelving frame is level by measuring it diagonally and implementing simple algebra formulas, but if you’re not comfortable doing that, a leveling tool is fine.

As for materials, preferences for the type and size of wood for shelving projects widely vary for each individual and for the project’s specific purpose, but you’ll probably want to stick with untreated lumber and plywood. Drywall screws are good candidates for this project. One to two and a half inch screws are ideal to put shelving together.

Types of Shelves You Can Build

Once your dimensions are figured out, the potential to get creative with your shelving is sky-high. Here are some of the most popular types of shelves that people build for many purposes.

Wooden shelves – This classic shelving style is easy to work with and very rewarding when building it yourself. Big box hardware stores can also cut the wood for you to save time. The nostalgic look and feel of wood also makes it a nice option for your shed if you’ll be spending lots of time in it. Wood can be prone to moisture though, so you may want a different material if the area tends to be damp.

Floating shelves – This newer trend is an eye-appealing option that works if you have lots of small items to store. Consider a different style for larger items, however, as the structural support of floating shelves rests mostly in their mounting attachments.

Stacking shelves – This option might not be as trendy looking as the floating shelf, but it continues to be the ideal option for storing heavier and bulkier objects in your shed. Stacking shelves can be plastic, metal, or wood. You’ll want to choose either metal or wood for shelving in a shed.

Metal shelves – These shelves are so durable they’re known to withstand just about anything. They also resist rust’s effects fairly well besides the cosmetic appearance. You’ll have to have the right tools to cut metal if you desire going in this direction, but if you do, the hard work will certainly pay off in the end.

Ready to tackle this shelving project yourself? It’s easy, especially when you’re armed with these handy tips. Building shelves makes for a great weekend project, or you can do it in just a day.

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