Bring the Outside In: The Many Uses of an Arizona Room


Consider an Arizona Room

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the best of both worlds? You should consider an Arizona room! Arizona rooms are versatile recreational rooms and you can find them in homes in Arizona and across the country. They are great because they allow for all the beauty and benefits of your outdoor space, without any of the outdoor pests or heat, of course.

Typically, this is a patio or awning that has been covered and screened-in, which creates an outdoor experience while preventing excessive heat and protecting inhabitants from insects and animals outside. Arizona rooms often border the backside of the house and are accessed either directly from the living room, kitchen or other common room area of a home.


Make it a home addition

Many Arizona homeowners choose to extend their living spaces to include an Arizona room. Some homeowners even choose to heat and cool this space. However, you can also enjoy your Arizona room without this additional expense. It has been said that before the times of air conditioning, people enjoyed sleeping in their Arizona rooms. This is because they could feel the flow of cool air at night through the screens, which made it much more comfortable to sleep.

Another great reason to have an Arizona room in Phoenix and the surrounding Valley is to enjoy the beautiful desert surroundings and wildlife, without inviting any critters or animals into the homes and maintaining some privacy.


Use it for more than one reason

Another advantage of an Arizona room is that this new space can be used for many different purposes. Most people use theirs as a room to relax and mingle in. However, you can also be use them as a playroom for the kids, a reading area, a workout area, an office area, a protected area for pets. Some even use them as a greenhouse.

Decorating an Arizona room can be fun and inexpensive. However, this depends on your own personal choice of how to best use this additional space. Simply adding some attractive potted plants and some hardy succulents can make the room feel more southwestern and homey. Placing furniture, desks, lounge chairs, or workout equipment can also help influence the ambiance. They are already an open and sunny space with walls of windows and screens. Usually, Arizona rooms do not need much decor. 


Worth the investment

Experts say that Arizona rooms or Sunrooms are one of the top seven homeowner improvement projects. Realtors have stated that they can usually estimate an 80% -100% return on investment value for these additions. This, of course, ultimately depends on a few factors, such as location and climate. There are many different types of styles of Arizona rooms to choose from. You will definitely be able to find a style that fits your home and lifestyle.

Whatever your final Arizona room choice may be, rest assured that Mesa Awning will offer a choice that is perfect for your Arizona room in Phoenix. To take advantage of the beautiful evenings in the gorgeous Southwest and enjoy nature up close while making the most of your home and garden area, contact Mesa Awning for more information. Kick your feet up and enjoy the many uses our Arizona rooms have to offer!

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