The Best Arizona Shade Structures


The state of Arizona has much to offer, including national parks, hiking, historic landmarks, championship golfing, and world class dining. But in the summer time, Arizona is known for two things in particular: extreme sun and heat. And though the sunny climate draws seasonal residents and tourists to the State during the rest of the year, especially during the mild winter months, the intense sunshine never really subsides, only the heat does. This means that even if you can avoid triple digit temperatures by skipping summers in Phoenix, you can count on feeling those bright rays of sunshine on your face in fall, winter, and spring as well.

Though a little sunshine here and there, especially with the right sunscreen protection applied, can be healthy, we all know that too much and prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays is not that good, as it can cause heat exhaustion, sunburns, and even lead to skin cancer. These facts can make being outside in Arizona a very difficult proposition, even if it is to spend time in your own backyard for a family barbecue, play time, or a pool party with friends.

But don’t despair, for there are ways that you can enjoy the Arizona weather no matter what season it may be by finding the shade structure that works best for you and your home and garden. Consider a few aspects when choosing the right shade structure for your lifestyle:

– Does your family like to spend time in the living room watching television, but the bright sun makes it hard to see what is on the screen? Then a sunshield or drop shade is the right solution for you.

– Do you love reading a good book on the back patio, but don’t want too much damaging sun exposure in addition to getting overheated by all that direct sun? In that case, a pergola or awning is the right fit for your backyard.

– Don’t want to deal with potential damage to your shade structure from termites or warping due to prolonged exposure to the harsh elements? Then an Alumawood Patio cover is the best option for you, since Alumawood shade structures are made to look like wood while offering the durability of aluminum.

Explore all our products and the large variety of Arizona shade structures we have available to ensure that you and your family can enjoy the beautiful Arizona sunshine safely and comfortably. And keep reading our Backyard Blog to get more information on “Finding Shade In Arizona” in our upcoming blog series featuring the best Arizona shade structures.

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