Beautiful Pergola Ideas


A pergola is a shaded structure that is not quite a building, yet often have floor, pillars and an arbor like roof. They are a staple of many gardens and provide shaded areas for walking, sitting, and relaxing. Pergolas in Phoenix make a wonderful addition to an outdoor living space because they provide shade from the hot summer sun. In winter, a fire pit can transform a pergola into a cozy place to enjoy your backyard. The following pergola ideas help to showcase the versatility that pergolas have. Are you ready to transform your backyard into an outdoor living area? If so, these pergola ideas might help.

Pergola Styles:

Mediterranean Pergola

This pergola often features all wood construction and can be plain or vine covered. They often  have a dining space beneath them so that you can enjoy dinner outdoors in the cooler part of the day. You can add to the Mediterranean feel by including clay pots with flowers, grasses, or even small trees. Add in comfortable seating and lounging furniture to create a soothing place to read, visit, or to enjoy a bottle of wine.

Wooden Pergola

Many pergolas are made from wood. Most are square or rectangle in shape, but in larger yards can be quite extensive. Wooden pergolas take on many different cultural themes. They can range from Mediterranean to Asian, and even modern. A pergola is usually four posts with a wooden arbor type roof. They can also be more involved and in some cases may include outer walls or even a built-in BBQ area. Adding a pergola in your Phoenix backyard gives your yard a versatile space. You can build a pergola over a pool or as a dining area. They easily convert to lounge areas and centers of socializing when the weather cools off. The pergola ideas are virtually unlimited.

Classic Style Pergola

The classic pergola is often white in color though they can be painted to match the exterior color on your home. Most are rectangle in shape and are often covered with a climbing plant such as wisteria, or grapes. On outdoor patios, a classic pergola extends the home and provides a shaded spot for which to enjoy your yard. A pergola does not have to be attached to your home; they are perfectly capable of being freestanding structures. In hotter climates, such as Phoenix, a pergola over your front entrance or back patio offers dappled shade and can help with energy efficiency of your home. Pergola roofs do not need to be flat. They can be arched or even peaked.

French Country

Most french country pergolas have a floor that is usually made from slate or sandstone. These areas are almost always converted into dining areas where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. French style pergola are enhanced with plants, especially aromatics such as lavender. It is common to see climbing vines such as grapes. The idea is strongly related to the concept of garden-to-table. Many French pergolas are attached to the home and often designed in unique shapes. These are the epitome of outdoor living spaces and offer a wide array of uses, especially those occasions where food is involved.

Modern Pergola

The modern pergola is a mixture of all pergola styles and often includes a tech feature, such as a retractable awning. They encompass many types of cultural influences from rustic western American to Asian. They may or may not include a dining focused theme, but they almost always include a lounging spot where socialization can occur. These are shaded places where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without being in the direct sun. Phoenix summers are hot. A pergola helps you created a shaded spot where you can rest, relax, and enjoy life.

These are just a few of the many pergola ideas available. Notice that the theme is almost always outdoor living. Pergolas thwart the hot summer sun, and in winter, they make a perfect place to enjoy an outdoor fire pit. Unlike a gazebo, a pergola offers an easy to customize structure that does not completely block out the sun, but instead offers enough shade to make being outdoors pleasant. If you are ready to transform your backyard or side yard into an area that offers respite from the Phoenix summer sun, then consider all of the benefits that pergolas offer. The space you create adds value to your home, and value to your life. Take the time to create a space that matches your lifestyle.

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