Beautiful Fencework Ideas to Try


Fencing is often necessary but sometimes it can be ugly and unsightly. There is nothing to fear however as there are tons of great ideas that you can use to liven up even the worst fencing. Here are five ways that you can make the most of your fencing and make it even prettier than you could have ever imagined.

Decorative Fencing

You can always opt for new fencing that is meant to be beautiful. Composite, wrought iron, decorated and even lattice are all meant to be more beautiful than standard fencing and can certainly add a great deal to your space. This type of fencing can make for a beautiful look that is going to make you proud of your fencing as opposed to being embarrassed by it. You can find this type of fencing at most home improvement stores and even at fencing companies that can come and install it for you as well.


Another option for making your fence work beautiful is painting. This doesn’t mean slapping a coat of paint on it and calling it a day but rather doing interesting things with your painting and your paint job. You can add scenes, pictures, interesting colors, extra textures and so much more to make your fencing not only beautiful, but also interesting and fun to look at. Using things like textured paint or interesting colors that you may not think of can make your fencing so much more than just a fence or just a boundary.

Awnings for Patios

Think your fencing is just too ugly? You can also add awnings to your fenced in areas for added shade and comfort. These awnings can be attached directly to your fencing if it is tall enough and can add extra shade, beauty, and so much more making them highly practical and even nice to look at. Though an awning cannot make your entire fencing beautiful, it is at the very least a great start toward a beautiful fence that is going to be pretty for years to come as well as functional.


You can also use your fencing as a place for plants to grow. Now this can be tricky if it is not done correctly as plants can compromise the structure of a fence. There are ways to avoid this however. First off, placing trellises near the fence allow plants to grow up and enhance the fence without the plant actually attaching to the fence. This will allow the plants to hide the fence that you are not so proud of without it actually compromising your fence and making it unsound. You can use plants like roses, ivy, wisteria, basically any plant that climbs and that grows well through a wide range of seasons.


You can also add features like lanterns, placards, and other things that are made to draw interest and that are made to be beautiful to help draw attention to the extra work that you have done and to make the fence look better. Doing things like adding mosaic tiles, a fountain, delicate hanging lanterns and more can make your fence far more beautiful and can give your backyard a feel that is homey and comfortable as opposed to feeling like an outdoor space. You can enhance the space that you have without having to completely redo your fencing.

No matter what you choose, your fence work can be beautiful you just have to be willing to put in the work and really see what you can do. There are tons of great ideas out there you just have to look in the right place for them and apply them to your own space.

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