Backyard Maintenance for the Winter Months


When it comes to winter backyard maintenance in Phoenix, what may be more important than the changing temperatures is the need to conserve water. More than half of the water consumed in our city is used by watering domestic and commercial landscaping, and in the desert, that raises a big red flag. Here are some ways you can prepare your backyard for the winter while saving time, money, and one of our most precious resources, water.

A Word on Winter Lawns

sprinkerler head - Backyard maintenanceOver 8,000 gallons of water are needed for every 1,000 square feet of grass. That’s how much water you can save by choosing not to plant a winter lawn—and that’s not all. Forgo overseeding your lawn and you’ll also save time the time it would have taken to scalp your lawn, seed, water, and mow. You’ll save an entire season’s worth of fertilizers and pesticides, and you’ll save the landfill space that would otherwise be needed for Bermuda and Rye grass clippings. Lead your community in responsible water practices—give your lawn a break in the winter.


Planting Backyard Bulbs

Red Roses - Backyard MaintenanceNovember and December are the last opportunities of the year to plant spring bulbs before temperatures drop. Consider planting a few drought-tolerant perennials for a backyard that will be easy to care for and water-efficient next spring. Tulips are available in a variety of sunny colors and bring a splash of color to your back yard. Bearded Irises are equally as vibrant, though they’re available in a cooler color palette, including royal deep purples and royal blues. Finally, daffodils are cheerful springtime flowers that do well in Phoenix.

Saving water is equally important as a beautiful winter lawn. Contact our team at Mesa Awning today to find a balance between water conservation and a creatively designed lawn.

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