Backyard Games to Play This Spring


Spring is almost here, so let go of the winter lethargy and become active again! Backyard games are the best way to get you and your family in the mood.

It’s time to get out of the house and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Enjoy it in your own backyard with these fun backyard games this spring.

The Best Backyard Games to Play This Spring

Giant Jenga

Most people are familiar with the normal Jenga. You arrange the blocks on a table and slowly pull one piece after another from the stack. The person who destabilizes the stack and makes it fall loses the game. You don’t have to stay indoors to play Jenga because there’s a giant version of the game available in the market as well. All you need to do is stack the blocks in your backyard and play with your friends and family.

This version of Jenga has the same rules as regular-sized Jenga but the size of the blocks and the outdoor location makes it a bigger challenge. This game is perfect for springtime and can include as many people as you like. In fact, you can use giant Jenga to entertain your guests at a spring party or BBQ.

Cornhole Game
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Cornhole is a very popular lawn game that’s ideal for two to four players. The cornhole boards are usually separated by 33 feet (you can shorten the distance between the boards if you don’t have enough space). Two boards should be placed on two ends of the “court” and the players usually stand directly behind or beside their boards. The goal is to toss a small bag of corn across the field into the hole at the opposite end.

You can pitch from either side of the board but you can’t cross the line drawn just behind the board. The corn bag should either land on the board or in the hole to get a score and you can toss four bags in each turn. The game is usually played until one team reaches 21 points. The team with the highest score wins. This is a fun backyard game for all ages and doesn’t require much preparation.

Outdoor Bowling

Bowling doesn’t always have to be an indoor game. You don’t always need to visit the local arcade or bowling center to have some fun. If you love bowling, you can easily build an outdoor bowling ramp in your backyard. This can be an easy DIY project that you can complete over the weekend. Bowling is an interesting game and offers a number of health benefits. Experts consider it similar to walking and playing with free weights, which can help build muscles. The act of bowling also helps improve flexibility and stretches your muscles. You can choose any kind of bowling you want and design your backyard ramp according to your preferences.

There’s no shortage of backyard game ideas available in the market. You can play a new game every day and experiment with something different. You can also play games like soccer, miniature golf, yard twister, marble race, scavenger hunt, etc. There’s no limit to what you can play if you have the interest and creativity. These games will help you shrug off winter blues and get back in the right mood.

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