Adding Teflon to Your Awning to Make it Last Longer


If you own an awning, you know how important it is to keep it in good condition. Subject to the sometimes brutal forces of mother nature, these devices lose their functionality and appearance within a short time if not treated well. Damage from UV rays, rain, and dirt all work to deteriorate the surface of your awning; to best protect it from these harmful substances, adding a Teflon coating is highly recommended.

The same material that is used in kitchen cooking utensils and on vehicles (along with many other applications), Teflon offers multiple benefits. It is a cheap way to secure the life of your investment and to keep your outdoor retreat looking great. In particular, the product to be aware of is the Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon surface protector. This is designed specifically for outdoor furniture, which means it is perfect for awnings. With it, you get permanent high-quality results; here are some reasons why you may want to consider adding Teflon to your awning.

The benefits of Teflon coating

  • Repels dirt, dust and grime; this protects your awning and makes it low-maintenance all year-round
  • Protects from harmful UV rays and other environmental harm; the coating essentially acts as a barrier/shield that reflects everything away from the surface
  • It is durable, meaning you will never have to worry about replacing the coating; in addition, you can rest assured that its performance will never be hindered over time
  • Safe and safe to wash; Teflon coatings are chemical applications, but they do not harm people to the touch (remember they are used in cooking utensils).

The key benefit to adding a Teflon coating to your awning is that it will repel dirt, dust and grime away. Depending on where you live, these materials can be a real nuisance. Many owners get frustrated when having to frequently clean their awning, but many more fail to realize that the damage caused is not just cosmetic. Just like anything else, dirt and grime have corrosive properties (albeit weak). Over time, they can lead to visible wear and tear as well as fading. The Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon surface protector is by all means the best investment you could make when your awning’s longevity is at stake.

Perhaps far worse than dirt (especially for residents living in hotter climates) is the damage caused by UV rays; basking in the sun may be a pleasure to you, but your awning will not appreciate it. UV ray damage is the number one cause for awning surface damage (fading and deterioration). It may be helpful to think of a Teflon coating as a shield, much like Low-E windows that work to radiate UV rays away from a home.

Installing a Teflon coating is basically a one-stop solution; the application process ensures that the material will never deteriorate over time, which means you will receive a high quality surface protector for years to come. Regardless of the conditions outside, this material will never crack, warp or break. Lastly, you can rest easy knowing that Teflon is safe. It is not harmful to humans, which means you will not have to take extra precautions when opening or closing your awning.

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