A Curb Appeal Want List


Your home’s curb appeal makes an impression on everyone in your neighborhood from residents to visitors and even passersby. Coming home to an attractive residence increases your pride in home ownership and our want list makes it easier than ever to make targeted upgrades to your home’s exterior.

Spruce Up Your Entry Way

Your home’s entryway is the focal point of its exterior. Keep it looking its best by using metal polish on the door fixtures and regularly cleaning dirty spots that accumulate around the door knob. If your entryway seems to fade into the background, consider installing a new steel entry door painted with an attractive, colorful shade that complements your home’s exterior or choose a beautiful, decorative wood door with accent windows. Potted plants, wreaths, and flags can also draw attention to the entryway and reflect your unique style.

Luscious Landscaping

Most of our homes could use a landscaping update. Adding new mulch each spring keeps the weeds at bay and freshens up the look of your yard. Consider adding new plants to your existing landscaping. Choose plants that add new color to your home’s palette and those that bloom at different times than your existing foliage. For example, if your home seems a little blah during the winter months, planting a few Bottle Brush and Purple Lantana plants will keep your yard colorful year round.

Replace Old Hardware

Take a look at your home’s exterior hardware such as doorknobs, hinges, and house numbers. If these seem outdated, tarnished, or otherwise dilapidated, you can easily remove and replace these with updated versions from the local hardware store.

Add Patio Awnings

The sun in the southwestern summer can be brutal. The sun’s heat can lead to increased energy bill and make your outdoor space unusable. Add patio awnings, or sunshade, to your home’s exterior to increase privacy and decrease sun exposure. Installing awnings above your home’s windows to decrease the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Not only does the heat of the sun affect your energy costs, direct sunlight can fade drapes, carpets, and furniture. Installing awnings will protect your interior valuables and beautify your home.

Perfect Your Patio With a Pergola

A beautiful pergola is a sight to behold. Modern pergolas are available in many styles and their arbor like roofs provide the perfect mix of sun, shade, and air flow. Generally placed in the backyard, over a patio, these structures still can add curb appeal and functionality to your home, especially if it is located on a corner lot. Pergolas can be created from traditional woods that weather the elements well, but you will need to refresh the stain from year to year to keep it looking at its best. Alumawood offers an attractive alternative to traditional wood. Created from aluminum, Alumawood has the look and feel of real wood, is resistant to termites and comes in a variety of beautiful colors.  While pergolas offer some protection from the shade, a patio cover may be a better option for those who are looking for complete protection from the sun.

Makeover the Mailbox

Mailboxes do more than serve as an address marker. An attractive mailbox is a signpost for an equally attractive home. Dress up your home’s mailbox with a new coat of paint, new house numbers or lettering, and surround it with a flowering garden to make a positive impact.

Get Artistic

Add personality to your landscaping with a piece of weather-resistant outdoor artwork. Small statues, decorative birdbaths, small fountains, or metal cutouts can be placed in optimum locations to complement your curb appeal. Choose pieces that you love and that add to your home’s personality.

Install Lighting

A beautiful home should be enjoyed at all the times. Low-voltage lighting can draw attention to your home’s best points in the evening hours. Walkways, trees, foliage, and structures become even more lovely when bathed in a warm glow. Lighting can be wired into your home’s electrical service by a professional or you can easily install solar lights on your own. Outdoor lighting also provides safety and security.

Many of these projects can be completed easily over the course of a weekend; some in just a few hours. While the time investment is minimal, you will enjoy their impact for years to come.

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