5 Ways to Prepare Your Patio for Spring and Summer Nights


The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the warmer weather is inviting you to come enjoy the outdoors. But, if you’re like a lot of homeowners, you may not have kept up on outdoor maintenance during the colder months, which means you still have some yard work and preparation to do. In most cases, the space just needs a good cleaning and perhaps a bit of a touch-up. If that’s the case, don’t fret! Mesa Awning experts are here to help you recover the patio of your dreams so you can start enjoying the warmer temperatures.

1. Inspect Your Awning

An awning provides your deck with a shady spot to retreat from the scorching spring and summer sun. But, the colder months and the shift in weather can have an impact on the material of your awning, especially if you have a canvas covering. Inspect your awning for any potential wind or weather damage, and make sure the retractable mechanism functions properly. Check the bolts that keep your awning attached to your home and tighten any that are loose. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking at or what kind of damage you should be looking for, give our experts at call for a quick inspection. We’ll have your awning fixed up in no time.

2. Give the Sundeck a Power Wash

The deck area likely still has salt and residue from the winter. If you live in a neighborhood with more vegetation, you may also have loose leaves and twigs lying around. Before you even imagine inviting the neighbors over for a dinner party, give your backyard square a power wash. This will remove any of that debris and make your space ready for entertainment. If you need to apply a new coat of finishing to the wood, now would be a great time to do so.

3. Pick Out New Decorative Pillows

Part of having an attractive outdoor space is to make it feel a part of your home. With an awning covering, you can keep you and your guests cool; but, with cozy furniture, you can make everyone feel comfortable, too. If you’re looking to add a splash of personal design and color to your outdoor living space, select new outdoor throw pillows for your patio furniture. These will make the space feel warm and welcoming without taking up space. You can then complete the look with outdoor rugs that complement your fun, newly transformed exterior living space.

4. Put In an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen spaces are becoming more popular, especially with growing families and larger decks. If you have a portable grill that you bring out every year, maybe this is the year to consider making it a permanent fixture to your deck. You can install metal cabinets on either side, get a small outdoor refrigerator, and build an island space with countertops for extra prep and cooking space. This is an excellent alternative to running in and out of the house while trying to entertain guests outdoors. Instead, you’ll have everything you need in one convenient location and can enjoy countless outdoor dinner parties.

5. Break Out the Firepit

If you have a wood-burning or gas firepit that you use every year, springtime is the perfect time to get it out of storage and make sure it’s ready for the first chilly spring night. If you have a gas pit, fill up the tank and make sure it’s hooked up properly. For those with wood pits, clean out any of last season’s ash and leftovers, and give it a good power wash to make it look like new again. When you’re ready to provide a little warmth late at night, you’ll be glad you had it ready to fire up!

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