5 Ways Home Skirting Can Change the Look and Function of Your Home


What is home skirting, exactly? Home skirting is a method of preventing pests or animals from living under your home. It’s not only necessary in some instances, it’s an attractive option and can add a certain look to your home. Skirting is available in many different types of looks, designs and materials, from vinyl to brick veneer to faux stone.

Home skirting is to some, something that only “older” homes use or that homeowners install without regard for home design. This is definitely a myth. Home skirting, when installed properly, can benefit your home for many reasons. The following is a list of benefits Arizona home skirting can provide:

Mobile Home Design

Since home skirting can be installed using a range of materials, this protective guard can add a look of masonry to your home and its outdoor features. Faux stone home skirting comes in a variety of design options. If you want your home to have a more traditional look, faux brick is a smart option. If you’re looking for a more modern style, rugged, jagged faux stone might be a look to consider. Mobile home skirting improves curb appeal, and makes your home appear more permanent. Discuss with an Arizona skirting installer what option would work on your home and how it can fit into your current design scheme.

Arizona Energy Savings

Arizona mobile home skirting also provides a way to reduce your utility bill. Skirting keeps air from escaping beneath your floors, allowing your air conditioning unit or heating system to work less. Skirting will keep in the hot or cool air, which helps temperatures to settle beneath your floors and spread evenly throughout your home. In the summer, your mobile home will feel cooler, and in the winter, your home will be sufficiently heated.

Home skirting with insulation also allows the home to be more energy efficient. Ask your home skirting specialist what options are available with insulation.

Protection for Children and Animals

House skirting, also known as underpinning, keeps animals and children safely away from the undercarriage of your mobile home. House skirting is also made with very durable materials, which enhances the structural integrity of your home. It also provides protection of air ducts and insulation.

Protection from Wildlife

House skirting also protects the undercarriage of the home from rodents or insects building nests. Rodent and insect nests are not only inconvenient, but can be dangerous if you have small animals or small children. You don’t want anything living in your home that is not you or your family! House skirting protects against unwelcome visitors.

Functional for All Types of Homes

Since Arizona house skirting is something utilized in a mobile home, the types of homes that benefit from house skirting can vary. House skirting can protect a home anywhere from a desert landscape to a beach house; in fact, house skirting is commonly used in areas along beaches or swamps to protect the home from the elements. House skirting is functional for traditional mobile homes to more modern mobile homes. It increases resale appearance and value.

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