5 Vertical Gardening Ideas for the Backyard


Vertical gardening is an exercise in cubism. The idea is to take what is traditionally a horizontal garden and add dimension, such as you would find if you walked through a forest. Vertical gardens offer many treats. Not only do they provide something interesting from the ground to the sky, but also they provide a function, such as providing shade, blocking eyesores, and they even help to buffer noise.  Here are five vertical garden ideas that help to transform your backyard into an outdoor living paradise.

1. The Multiple Use Area

A multiple use area can be many things. It can be a place where you come to do yoga or meditate. It might also be a place where you come to read, think, or even talk on the phone. As such, its design becomes more generalized so that the space can easily adapt to the things you do. As you design a space put a lot of consideration into the things that you do. Vertical garden ideas for such a spot should also include seasonal changes. A gazebo or pergola with a climbing vine would be a beautiful addition to such a project. Climbing vines such as Wisteria, grapes, or even passion vines make excellent fauna for a gazebo or a pergola. In the summer, the vines provide flowers or fruit and their leaves help to provide shade. In the winter, these deciduous plants lose their leaves and allow more light to filter through the structure. Both the gazebo and the pergola have benefits with a dirt of a gravel floor, of you can add a wooden floor. Choose the floor carefully based on your usage. A gravel floor is nice for yoga and meditation, but a wooden floor works well for exercising.

outdoor living flowers2. Outdoor Living

Even with a small backyard, you can create a functional, attractive outdoor living space. Choose a flooring option and add an awning for protection from the summer sun, and winter rain. Retractable awnings also allow you to remove the top for special occasions. Dress up the space with vertical features, such as a pondless waterfall, Boxwood topiary, or even a small hedge. For flowering plants, add potted nasturtiums with a trellis, or hang flower pots with philodendrons  that droop down. The mixture of the bright green philodendron leaves and potted flowers makes a striking visual. The sound of the pondless waterfall is soothing and acts like a white noise machine. For flooring sections, consider sand, gravel, decomposed granite, or flagstone. Remember that darker colors absorb heat while lighter colors reflect heat.

3. Outdoor Dining

A special dining area is amazing and serves a lot of purposes. For couples who want to spend quality time together, plan an area outside where you can enjoy breakfast, dinner, or even lunch. With a little planning, the space can also be use for family meals, entertaining, or just as a romantic vista where you retreat to when the kids are driving you nuts. Such a spot does not require much space. A basic patio table for two, a few flagstones, an awning and you have a happy little spot just for the two of you. To decorate, add in a climbing rose, jasmine, or another aromatic plant that is pleasing to you both. For romantic dinners, just float a few roses in a bowl of water with a votive and enjoy the ambiance.

vertical herb gardening4. Vertical Herb Garden

A vertical herb garden is an easy project that has a lot of payoff. You can use an existing fence or install a trellis. The idea is to mount pots on the vertical surface and then plant herbs in them. Intermix a few flowering plant and your herb wall takes on color and function. You can use special pots with holes in the rim, or  you can recycle larger cans as a green project. Another option is to use strong hooks and hang little metal pails from the hooks. Grow rosemary, thyme, basil, cilantro, sage, chives, and mint on your vertical herb wall. Fresh herbs make an amazing contribution to home cooked meals, and many of them repel insects.

5. Vertical Privacy Screen

There are many reasons someone would want to build a vertical privacy screen. If you have a backyard hot tub, a privacy screen keeps the neighbors out, blocks light, and dampens sound from the street. Mount redwood trellis on 4×4 posts and then allow a climbing vine to claim the space as its own. Good suggestions include; climbing roses, wisteria, potato vines, Ivy, and for fragrant option try a star jasmine vine. A vertical privacy screen is an easy project that has a big impact.

Whatever your reason, these five vertical garden projects transform small spaces into amazing outdoor living spaces. By adding elements such as Arizona awnings you gain a full seasonal use of the space. If you have questions about how to create a beautiful and functional space, just call us.

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