5 Reasons Your Front Door Needs an Awning


Arizona residents know the feeling of constant sunshine and heat, which can be quite uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. With temperatures sometimes reaching over 100 degrees, it is important to have ways to protect yourself and your home from the sun’s harsh rays. Even in the winter months, the sun can still be quite warm. So, protection anywhere you can get it is always a must! One way to achieve this is by installing an awning above the front door of your home. But why exactly does this placement make a difference? Mesa Awning is here to shed some light on the subject.

1. Protection from the Sun

The primary reason you need an awning over the front door of your home is to protect you from the sun. An awning can block out a significant amount of the sun’s rays as they stream through your door. This will reduce the amount of heat entering your home, keeping it cool all day. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor porch or deck space without being scorched by the sun’s rays.

2. Furniture and Flooring Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause significant damage to your furniture and flooring. With an awning above the front door or your porch area, your front living room spaces, furniture, and flooring will be protected from harmful sun rays. Even the paint in these rooms will last longer since they won’t be exposed to the fading power of the sun. Your home will look newer and fresher for a longer time.

3. Energy Efficiency

As we’ve already mentioned, awnings are great at keeping your home cooler, thus reducing your electricity bill. This can also depend heavily on the direction your home faces. If you get morning sunlight through your front door, then you may not experience as much of a change in energy bills. However, if afternoon sunlight floods your home from the front, then the awning can have a dramatic impact on your cooling bill.

4. Style and Curb Appeal

Installing an awning above your front door or around your porch will give your home that stylish look and a curb appeal to envy. With a range of color and design options for awnings available, you can customize your awning to suit your home’s architectural style and your personal style. We also have retractable ones, giving you the ultimate shading flexibility. Plus, guests and neighbors will enjoy stepping off the hot sidewalks and onto your shady porch for a visit!

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Finally, installing an awning above your front door is an affordable, cost-effective way of changing the look of your home. Rather than building out an entire roofing structure, you can easily have an awning installed for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can always replace the awning or take it down should it no longer fit your style or needs. Can’t easily do that with a full roof or overhang, now can you?

Dress up Your Home Today

As you can see, installing an awning above the front door of your home is an excellent investment that every homeowner in Arizona should consider. With a myriad of benefits ranging from improved energy efficiency, style, and curb appeal, awnings are a clever way to enhance your living experience and make your home look beautiful. To get started on the awning installation process, contact the team at Mesa Awning in Mesa, AZ. We proudly serve residents throughout the area, enhancing their outdoor living spaces. We also design and install pergolas, carports, and screen rooms. So, get your free quote from us today when you call (480) 969-4064.

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