5 Pergola Ideas for Pools


Pools can be an oasis, especially if you design your garden around them correctly. Pergola design ideas are fun, creative, and perfect for those that want a backyard escape that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. The whole point of pergola design is to create an arch or design element that not only works with your home, but that is in keeping with the design of your home and the feel that you want to achieve. Here are five design ideas that can make all the difference in the ultimate design that you choose.

Flowered Archways

Flowers are beautiful in every season. A wonderful way to get your backyard oasis looking beautiful is to add a pergola that incorporates flowers that either bloom all year or that bloom during certain seasons in your region. These flowers will not only bring visual interest, they will also brighten your backyard and make your design easier to pull off. Those arches that include tons of flowers tend to be less intricate and therefore far easier for a homeowner to achieve on their own without the help of a ton of different people.

Awning Style

This is another wonderful option and is perfect for those that may not have a ton of space to work with. You can instead of building a freestanding pergola. Work with the side of your home to create your oasis. This is cheaper, faster, and often easier than working on a freestanding structure. You can use things like bamboo, wicker, and more to create your oasis and have a truly beautiful finished product.

Lush Greenery

Another option is to build a cage or wire structure and allow foliage to provide your shade and major structure. This is something that is going to take a bit longer to achieve than building with wood but it does offer a stunning completed effect. Using greenery is one way to get in touch with nature and to truly feel like you are in the middle of the wilderness with nothing more to worry you than where your next drink is coming from. This is a wonderful option for those areas that are warm weather all year as your pergola will stay lush and green through all the seasons.

Rustic Timbers

This is another fabulous idea that really feels special and look stunning when it is completed. This can give any home an old world look and feel that is truly beautiful. This rustic feel is easy to achieve if you use large timbers that are unfinished or at the very least older looking. This is also a great use for reclaimed barn wood, older wood that has no real purpose in finished items in the home, and more. These are also perfect because they allow for weathering which means that if they do weather and do start to look a little old because of wind, rain, and more, it only adds to the effect as long as it does not compromise the structure of the pergola.

Steel Frame

Still another option that is often easier for those that may not have a ton of time to get their pergola up and running is a steel frame that can be bought then simply assembled. You will then need bamboo curtains and screens that can be opened and closed according to how much light or shade you want. This is a wonderful option for those that are looking for space savings or that may not have a great deal of time on their hands. This also looks great in urban settings and looks wonderful in areas that are poolside or that may not have much greenery.

All of these ideas are great but truly the finished design is up to you. Take the time to see what is on the table and to see just what you can do.

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