5 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Colder Months


For many people in Phoenix, winter is thought of as the ideal season. The weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, and the changing colors of the trees really set the stage for festivities. There is just something about lounging outdoors in a jacket that puts one into a relaxed state of mind, a feeling most of us long to have – on account of our hectic lifestyles!

Take the time to enjoy the great outdoors while the weather permits, as this is the perfect opportunity to spend time with the ones you love and stay physically active. There is no way of knowing for certain when it will get hot again; that is the season for staying indoors! There will be plenty of time for TV watching and video game playing when school is out, so urge your kids to join in on good old-fashioned outdoor activities.

Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Raking leaves – if you think this is just a simple, boring chore, than you are not doing it right! Using a rake or leaf blower (for those who do not want to waste any time), make a huge pile of leaves in the yard. The kids will love jumping in them and your outdoor space will look tidier! For hard to reach spaces such as on the deck or under a pergola, the leaf blower will definitely come in handy.

Build a fire pit – when you want to relax, having evening family time next to an outdoor fire can be the perfect ending to a long day at work or school. Roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, and telling ghost stories are all traditional American pastimes that will never get old. If you plan on placing the fire pit underneath a pergola (a good idea if you want to keep bugs away), make sure the flames are adequately covered.

Photo opportunities – you can turn the beauty of nature into a fun game for your kids; all it takes is a camera and some creativity! Choose a color and have your son or daughter take pictures of things outside that match. For little ones, the backyard will suffice, but feel free to take a stroll to the nearest walking trail or public park. The possibilities are endless and your child will be excited to show you all the pictures they took. When done, make a collage or frame their work.

Geocache adventures – this one is for all you tech-friendly folks (honestly who isn’t these days?) Using your smart phone or tablet, you can create a virtual reality treasure hunt in which your kids must find items depicted on the screen. Geocaching apps utilize your device’s camera and can provide hours of entertainment.

Fly a kite – This activity has been enjoyed for centuries (and was what helped create modern electricity). Wait for a breezy day to fly, as too much wind can make it difficult to control and cause the kite to go into nearby trees. Once the kite is up in the air, you can stake it to the ground and lounge in a hammock under your backyard pergola. Your child will have fun watching it glide back and forth….just make sure you are safely away from power lines.

By no means is this list exhaustive. Other fun activities include hiking, biking, visiting a pumpkin patch or just cruising on the open road! Have fun before the cold weather comes around.

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