Five of the Best Green Awnings


It is finally that time of year again when our gardens and yards are growing (hopefully) plush green grass, flowers and plants. In Arizona, many of the environmentally conscious opt for beautiful green cacti instead of grass and plants that require a lot of watering. Nevertheless, the joy spring brings to us outdoor enthusiasts is further enhanced by the thought of being able to lounge on our decks and patios to enjoy the beautiful weather.

All of us at Mesa Awning Company have a passion for outdoor awnings, including retractable awnings and window awnings. We have seen firsthand how these products can transform homes and beautifully accommodate landscapes. With spring in mind, we found it only fitting to track down some of the best green awnings around. If you don’t own an awning yet, this is a great way to introduce you to the wealth of benefits an awning can offer a homeowner.

In terms of functional purposes, awnings block harmful UV rays, which can cause considerable damage to outdoor furniture and are also unhealthy for humans. If you want to steer clear of the blazing heat in places such as Arizona, awnings are the way to go. With an awning in your home, you get the benefit of being able to actually enjoy staying outside, without having to worry about getting sunburnt or getting too hot, due to the great shade they offer. In addition, the right awning can look simply stunning, as well. Here are some of our favorite pictures of green awnings we found.

The Best Green Awnings

SunSetter Green AwningThis setup is elegant and classy. Light and airy, the color and design of the awning matches this outdoor theme perfectly. We fell in love with the layout of the deck and how the owners situated the patio furniture. Who wouldn’t want to sip a cool drink on a hot day under this awning?


This picture looks like it came straight out of a movie. These people certainly went all out; the ambience is so pristine, we aren’t even sure if we would want to sit down. This green awning tent is gorgeous. We love its drooping center and the hanging end pieces. This scene is the perfect illustration of a calm and serene atmosphere.


Green Awnings on HomeThere is no doubting the fact that these homeowners love the color green. These awnings are clearly suited for this space and they appear to provide adequate coverage. It seems these people certainly value their privacy, as both the window shades and the hedges in front of the home serve an excellent purpose in this respect.


Shaded Green AwningWe can’t help but think of a fairytale wonderland when looking at this picture. The awning is definitely the focal point; it is one of the largest we have come across. Take a moment to admire the intricate details of this outdoor space. Everything from the chair cushions to the hanging lanterns are adorned in green colors to match this beautiful awning. We love it!


Green Shade StructureIt may not be as luxurious or large as some of the other pieces, but we felt the design of this outdoor space was perfect. Simple, functional and beautiful, which is what many people looking for an awning are interested in. The awning is just the right size for shading to fit this spot.


Seen any great green awnings you would like to share with us? Or are you interested in getting a wonderful and practical awning for your own home and backyard? Contact one of our experienced Mesa Awning representatives for more information regarding our available products.

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