5 of the Best Blue Awnings We Have Seen


At Mesa Awning Company, we know everything there is to know about outdoor awnings. We are a premiere Arizona awnings dealer, and we invite you to get in touch if you want to stay shaded and cool and protect your deck or patio this summer. We believe that what makes our business stand out from the competition is that we truly have a passion for this industry. This means recognizing not just the functional purposes of the devices we sell, but also their beauty. We often tell customers that the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful outdoor awning is a great way to increase your home’s equity and complement the rest of your landscaping ideas. There are many styles and colors to choose from for your awnings in Arizona, which means you are guaranteed to get something that is timeless and unique.

One of our favorite colors in particular is blue; there is just something about that pop of color that makes retractable awnings in Phoenix and Phoenix window awnings stand out and get the attention they deserve. Our team has taken the time to find some of the best blue awnings examples online. We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did, and perhaps they will even inspire you to make an awning purchase of your own. All of that aside, here are the 5 greatest blue awnings we found.

5 of the Best Blue Awnings

Blue AwningsDon’t these awnings complement the building structure perfectly? This is a great example of how architectural and design know-how can be used to craft a beautiful structure. As you can see, the awnings are the perfect size to block out light and keep rain from entering the respective apartments. There is nothing better than striking the perfect balance between function and form!


Blue Retractable Window AwningsSimply Stunning! From the looks of this picture, this appears to be a commercial building (maybe a hotel or office). We can’t tell, but we have to give props to the owner for installing these awnings. You don’t see too many companies do so; especially with this color (beige tends to be the preferred awning color choice for most people).


Blue Awning TentThis is the perfect outdoor awning set up. It is large enough to accommodate a small group of people, although the owners have decided to centrally place their patio furniture. The background scenery is gorgeous and really brings out the color in the piece.


Blue Awning PaintingIt may be a painting, but we just couldn’t let this one slip by. It really does seem like the artist took the time to emphasize the color of the awnings. They certainly are a focal point for us. What do you think?


Outdoor Reception Party with Blue Awning TentThis canopy tent/awning is magnificent. It appears to have been set up for a formal outdoor event (perhaps a wedding). What a great color scheme and beautiful setting. Canopy awnings are very functional for outdoor events, where they can protect against sunshine or rain, and can be installed quite easily.


Like what you see and want to find out more about how an awning can compliment your home? Contact one of our helpful and knowledgable staff at Mesa Awning Company for more information. We also encourage you to comment or send us pictures of your own. If we like them enough, maybe we’ll even put them in our next post!

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