5 Benefits of Poolside Shade


The weather is heating up, and that unbeatable summer sun is right around the corner – and we can feel it! And there is nothing worse than having a patio or poolside that isn’t adequately shaded. You have these outdoor spaces and you expect to be able to use them. So, when you call Mesa Awning to put up a patio cover for some poolside shade, you can expect these amazingly cool benefits.

1. Protection from the UV Rays

We all know that sunscreen is essential under the Arizona sun, but sometimes you need another layer of protection. So with a patio cover or pergola, you give you and your family that much-needed UV ray blocker. Not only does this help prevent skin cancers, but it can also help protect your interior carpets and furniture. UV rays are notorious for fading carpets and rugs, especially those that lay in direct sunlight.

2. Patio Furniture That Won’t Fade

Speaking of protecting your carpet and furniture from fading, a patio covering will also protect your patio furniture. Even though patio furniture is made from more durable materials, it’s still susceptible to fading due to prolonged sun exposure. This means you could be investing in new furniture every other year or so. So, if you’re not interested in spending more money on a new patio set and want to keep it looking nice, then it’s time you invest in proper poolside shade.

3. Cool Concrete, Pavers, or Decking

Nothing scorches the bottoms of feet around the pool faster than sun-exposed concrete or decking. This makes hanging out by the pool unpleasant for many, especially younger children or elderly adults who may be more sensitive. But, with a patio pergola or covering, you can keep the concrete around your pool cool and safe to the touch, which means no more burnt feet! It even means you can spread out your towels and enjoy sitting poolside.

4. A Shade Spot for Your Furry Friends

You love hanging out with your pets outdoors, but leaving them in the sun too long isn’t healthy. Just like humans, your four-legged family members are likely to overheat if they don’t have some shade. That’s why a patio cover or pergola is so essential! It not only keeps you and your family cool, but it’s also more comfortable for your furry friends. Additionally, hot concrete and stone can cause sores and blisters on paw pads. So, if you want to avoid taking your pet to the vet for sun blisters, then we can help!

5. An Outdoor Space Suitable for Everyone

Investing in poolside shade transforms your outdoor patio or deck into a place suitable for everyone in the family! You benefit from expanding your indoor living spaces into the backyard, which means your entire family has more room to run and play. You’ll even make the outdoor experience more enjoyable for your weekend dinner parties!

Cool Down With Mesa Awning

Get ahead of the heat and invest in your poolside shade today! Mesa Awning has some great solutions, including patio covers, awnings, and pergolas. So, if you’re interested in getting a free quote for us to come out to your home in Mesa, AZ, give us a call at (480) 969-4064.

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