5 Backyard Furniture Must-Haves


The backyard sees a lot of family time during the summer and fall months when people often host birthdays, dinner parties, and afternoon BBQs. Still, everyone knows that the backyard is not complete without the right furniture. Chairs, tables, and other décor are necessary to provide a unique and stylish look while giving you plenty of places to sit and socialize. While a new patio covering or pergola from Mesa Awning is an excellent addition to your backyard, so are these backyard furniture must-haves.

1. Hammock

The hammock has long been credited as the perfect backyard lounger for families and couples. Traditionally, hammocks were strung up between two trees, but today’s designs include strong and sturdy posts, allowing you to place your hammock in the shadiest part of your yard. Many models have a high maximum weight capacity, leaving room for the entire family to come and relax. You can even invite Fido up for an afternoon nap in the shade. You might also find your hammock becomes the perfect place to read, or for guests to enjoy a leisure swing during an evening gathering.

2. Outdoor Patio Dining Set

Whether or not you spend most of your time under your patio awning or pergola, you need a place to enjoy your evening dinners. With an outdoor patio dining set, you’ll have room for the whole family. These are an excellent option for hosting larger dinner parties, and they also allow you to utilize your backyard space even more. No one wants to sit in a stuffy indoor dining room when there’s a perfectly good dining area outdoors. Provide extra lighting with a chic outdoor chandelier and watch how impressed your friends and family become.

3. Cooler Table

Don’t let the look of a cheesy cooler on wheels ruin your backyard décor. Instead, stash your favorite beverages inside the coolers of wicker-style tables. The lids lift up and give your party guests quick, easy access to their cold drinks. You can store plenty of water, beer, and wine bottles to keep the party going well into the evening. These table coolers serve a dual purpose, also giving you and your guests a place to put down plates on the tabletop. Most of them even come with a drain plug for easy cleaning after everyone’s gone home.

4. Waterproof Hanging Lights

Outdoor lighting should be heavy-duty and waterproof. While proper lighting may be an upfront investment, it’s well worth the money since you won’t have to take down the lighting throughout the season. Hanging lights around your pergola or backyard awning will give you that perfect soft glow that you can’t get from regular overhead lights. String lights together and hang them from posts along the perimeter of your yard to illuminate the entire space. You can also hook your lights to an outdoor dimmer, giving you even more flexibility and control over your backyard’s look and feel.

5. Speaker System

An outdoor speaker system is a great way to provide your favorite music and entertainment. Not only will you find those smooth tunes calming after a long day at work, but you can also provide those classic party hits while entertaining guests. Today’s speaker systems are designed to be unintrusive and can even blend into your landscaping. Choose between a home system with speakers you can hang up under your awning, or opt for speakers that look like rocks. Either way, you’ll enjoy having access to music while enjoying your backyard.

Protect Your Patio Furniture

The Arizona sun is no joke. If you don’t have a patio covering protecting your backyard furniture, it can become faded and worn down. That’s where Mesa Awning comes in. We offer a variety of patio structures, including canvas awnings and sunshields, to help protect your backyard furniture and make your patio shady and enjoyable. We can even protect your vehicles with a new carport. Contact us today for a quote, at (480) 969-4064.

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