4 Top Summer Games to Play in the Backyard


The heady feeling of summer draws everyone out of doors to talk, play and soak up some sun. Set up and learn a few outstanding games to play in the backyard to get all laughing and playing, both kids and those young at heart.

1. Jumbo Jenga

Take a great game and go big. This blown-up Jenga uses 54 wooden blocks that are set up with 3 blocks on each of 18 levels. The blocks on each level are perpendicular to the ones below it and above it.

With 4 beams of 4 meters, you will take a pencil and then measure and mark where each one will be sawed tocreate the Jumbo Jenga blocks. Cut with a hand or table saw and sand edges for a smooth look.

2. DIY Ring Toss

Test your accuracy with a shiny-ringed ring toss game. See the entire list of materials including plastic tubing pipe cleaners, PVS pipe and attachments here.

After hitting your local hardware store, cut the PVC pipe into 3 lengths, 16 inches, 12 inches and 10 inches, as directed. The PVC nipple is to be attached to the top of the PVC pipe cross. Drill a hole in the nipple and the top of the cross and attach them with a machine screw and nut. Connect the PVC pipe to create a ring toss rack. Attach the coupler, the 16” piece, the 10” pieces, elbows and end caps. Spray paint the rack. Cut the plastic tubing to 20 inches in length. Add a coupler and insert 2 pipe cleaners in each. Trim the ends and connect.

3. DIY Dunk Tank

Who doesn’t need a cool refreshing dip on a hot day? A dunk tank is a hit at pool parties and family gatherings. Material can be found at the hardware store and online.

You will need to create a flapper valve mount, making a U-channel with aluminum stock and drilling a hole. Wear a mask when cutting the fiberglass rod, insert the rod into drilled holes and secure it with silicone sealant. Drill a hole in the bucket and attach the seat with sealant. Mount the valve and connect the rod and float ball to the valve. Cut and attach the PVC pipe to create the frame of the box. Carefully follow the suggested sequence to build the trigger. You can then assemble all of the parts.

4. Pool Noodle Olympics

In this safe ode to the Olympics, players throw the javelin, made out of a pool noodle, into the pool noodle holes in the javelin throw game. What is your guess?Who will take home the gold?

This easily assembled project requires 8 pool noodles, duct tape and 2 broom handles. For each circle, pick a noodle, create a circle and secure ends with duct tape. Then wrap every circle with a different color of duct tape. Use duct tape to attach the circles together and then attach the assembled group to the poles. You will take a hammer to drive the broom handles into the ground and cover them with the poles. The bean bass toss game uses Olympic rings similar to these. Extend the games offered with a balance beam, water bucket relay game, and discus throw game using a simple Frisbee.

These creative games to play in the backyard brighten up any summer day and are great for summer birthday parties, pool parties and informal gatherings.

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